Andre Maciel

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Assistant Professor
Ph D, University of Arizona, 2015.
Major: Marketing
Supporting Areas of Emphasis: Sociology
Dissertation Title: The Role of Aestheticized Markets in Contemporary Formations of Social Class and Gender

MA, University of Rennes I, 2006.
Major: Marketing

B.Sc., Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), 2003.
Major: Business Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Branding
Dr. Andre F. Maciel earned his Ph.D. from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona in 2015. Prior to his appointment at UNL, he was a lecturer at the University of Arizona. He also spent 10 years in private firms, including Dell in Brazil and Orange. His research interests include cultural change, consumer culture, and the sociology of markets. 

Maciel is the lead author of “Taste Engineering: An Extended Model of Consumer Competence Constitution” in Journal of Consumer Research. This paper received the 2017 Sidney J. Levy award for best dissertation-based paper in the field of consumer culture. In addition, his work on taste and consumers has appeared in two peer-reviewed volumes and won "Best Special Session" award at the 2016 Consumer Culture Conference Theory Conference in Lille, France. Before his Ph.D., Maciel also wrote the book, An Intuitive Approach to Marketing through Inter-Personal Relationships (original title: A Fila Anda, Mas Não Empurra Que é Pior: Uma Abordagem de Marketing Sobre Relacionamentos Amorosos) (2008). 

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