Year-Round Tax Education Opportunities

Year-Round Tax Education Opportunities

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Beyond the Federal and State Income Tax Institute, Nebraska’s Tax Institute offers more opportunities for you to earn continuing education credits.
S Corporation Tax Seminar

S Corp rules contain complexities pertaining to the eligibility, election and taxation of the entity and its owners. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 adds new rules, pitfalls and opportunities. This seminar includes a 350-page handbook and encourages questions.

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Fall 2020

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Review S Corp Taxation

All tax practitioners who handle business returns must understand S corporation taxation. You’ll review and get updates on the following topics:

  • Elections and eligibility for S corporation status
  • Shareholder stock and debt basis
  • Income measurement and reporting
  • Distributions from S corporations to shareholders
  • Compensation and fringe benefits
  • Integration of loss limits
  • Net investment income
  • Built-in gains tax
Learn From the Field’s Leading Expert

Dr. Robert W. Jamison, Jr., CPA, is a professor emeritus of accounting at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. Author of S Corporation Taxation, Jamison is a nationally recognized expert on S corporation tax law. In addition to teaching tax law in accounting departments at three universities for 36 years, Jamison served as the lead author of the Business Entities chapter of the National Income Tax Workbook (used at our Federal and State Income Tax Institute) and its predecessor for more than 30 years. citations to the authority for the explanation. He also co-authored Multistate Tax Guide to Pass-Through Entities, 2017 Edition.
He brings an extensive knowledge of S corporation tax law to this seminar not only as the main speaker but also in the form of a 350-page outline that includes explanations of the law, examples to illustrate the application of the law, and citations to the law.

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1040 Workshop

Even the most seasoned tax professional benefits from reviewing changes on the 1040, the most important form in the IRS inventory. Our tax team will guide you step-by-step and provide case studies and context on various items throughout the 1040.

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January 2021

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Review the Most Important IRS Form

Even the most seasoned tax professional will benefit from reviewing the basic elements of this important form.

The Form 1040 is the most important form in the IRS inventory and all tax professionals should constantly review the form for any changes and also refresh the basics. Our team will guide you step-by-step and provide case studies and context on various items throughout the 1040.

Our 1040 Workshop is exactly what you need for your office. This workshop will train your office staff and seasonal tax preparers to prepare taxes for individuals and small businesses covering federal and Nebraska state taxation.

Constant changes to the tax code makes Form 1040 preparation an ongoing adventure. This continually updated workshop will give you the confidence to:

  • Prepare tax forms, schedules and worksheets using the most recent forms available
  • Gain a working knowledge of tax law
  • Understand recent developments affecting individual tax returns
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Registration includes continuing education hours for IRS, CPA and EAs and workshop materials. Workshop materials will include:
  1. Forms
  2. Presentation slides and additional handouts
  3. Practice tax problems and solutions
  4. Laminated Quickfinder Tax Tables for individual returns and other materials
Group discounts are available.

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IRS Mid-Year Symposium

The IRS, in partnership with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, brings you valuable updates pertaining to tax law changes.

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Spring 2021

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Learn What the IRS Wants You to Know

Enjoy engaging presentations on pertinent and current tax issue at the free IRS Mid-Year Symposium. You’ll hear mid-year updates from:

  • Senior Stakeholder Liaison – Field
  • IRS Specialists
  • Nebraska Department of Revenue
  • Tax Professional Special Presentations
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Registration includes six IRS continuing education credits for EAs, AFSP and PTIN and seven credits for CPA and continental breakfast. Lunch and parking is on your own.
The symposium is free to attend but registration is required.

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