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Supply Chain and New Opportunities Brought Wang to CBA

Supply Chain and New Opportunities Brought Wang to CBA
Wang on campus at Nebraska
Simon Wang, a junior supply chain management major from Pittsburgh, transferred to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration to challenge himself in a robust and nationally-ranked program. He also wanted the opportunity to adapt and thrive in a new environment.
Coming to Nebraska from the East Coast was a transition, but as the vice president of the Asian American Student Union and treasurer of the Multicultural Business Student Association, Wang feels he has adapted well.
“Transferring here from the East Coast, I had the challenge of coming to UNL without any family or friends. I had to force myself to get involved on campus. Being a part of these groups has really shown me how to bring people together and the need to be inclusive; a skill that will help in my career,” he said.
Wang on campus at Nebraska
Wang chose UNL CBA to study supply chain management because of the program. Chaired by Dr. Jennifer Ryan, the supply chain management program is full of engaging and relevant coursework.
“Professor Jennifer Ryan does a fantastic job keeping students engaged during her logistics class. She’s very intentional about letting students know how material applies to real world industries and how students can apply it,” Wang said.
Supply chain management is the most recent addition to the undergraduate majors offered by CBA. It offers coursework that focuses on integrating foundational elements of supply chain management such as procurement, logistics and operations.
"The idea of constantly improving a business's operations is exciting to me because it requires us to utilize analytical skills as well as creativity," said Wang.
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Published: December 23, 2016