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Parents Association Recognizes 19 CBA Faculty, Staff

Parents Association Recognizes 19 CBA Faculty, Staff
Buss recognized by Parents Association eight times
The UNL Parents Association and UNL Teaching Council honored 19 College of Business Administration faculty and staff members during their annual recognition ceremony on February 3. Providing positive feedback to faculty and staff about the work they do with students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the award provides recognition in areas often overlooked in the formal rewards system.
“The nomination process for these awards is a unique two-step process. Students share the meaningful experiences they have with our faculty and staff with their parents and then it’s the parents who do the nominating. It means our faculty and staff impacted not only a student, but a family, in a positive way,” said Dr. Kathy Farrell, interim dean of the College of Business Administration.
The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. At least one parent nominated each recipient and provided a short explanation for their selection.
Stein received the Parents Association award for the first time
Stein received the Parents Association award for the first time
“It is humbling to be nominated by parents to receive this award and be in the company of fellow CBA colleagues making such an impression on students,” said Matthew Geyer, academic advisor and a first-year recipient of the award.
Farrell presented the following recipients with awards. The numbers in parentheses indicate number of years received.
Undergraduate Programs: Dr. D’vee Buss (8); Matthew Geyer (1)
CBA Honors Academy: Erin Burnette (3)
Clifton Strengths Institute: Samantha Kennelly (1)
Dean’s Office: Shelley Harrold (2)
Economics: Dr. Sam Allgood (5); Dr. Laurie Miller (3)
Finance: Dr. Roberto Stein (1); Sue Vagts (4)
Management: Regina Frey (1); Dr. Amber Messersmith (1); Dr. J.K. Osiri (1); Dr. Troy Smith (1)
Marketing: Michelle Jacobs (6); Laura McLeod (1); Rob Simon (2)
Accountancy: Dr. Amanda Gonzales (1); Jina Morris (2); Dr. Joel Owens (1)
Published: February 13, 2017