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Over 400 CBA Students Graduate at Spring 2012 Ceremony

More than 400 students graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration this spring. They were part of the largest graduation class in the history of UNL with over 2,800 students receiving degrees.
Master’s degrees were presented on May 4, with baccalaureate degrees awarded the following day at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.
Twenty-seven students in CBA graduated with a master’s degree of business administration and 13 students received their master’s degree of professional accountancy.  
Ryan Pryor, who graduated with high distinction with a bachelor in science degree in management and focus on information systems, participated in a variety of activities at the college. Pryor, a Lincoln, Neb. native, noted the many ways that CBA became an integral part of his life during the past four years.
“CBA not only provided me with an education, but also with chances to give back to the college,” Pryor said. “By being involved in CBA Student Ambassadors, I was able to help meet and recruit new students. I served on the CBA Student Advisory Board which helped make an impact on current students by initiating projects like the new business ethics code. I also worked as a student IT technician. That was my favorite experience because I was able to serve faculty and staff by solving their IT problems.”
Dean Donde Plowman attended the proceedings and presented degrees to the graduating students.

Master of Business Administration Degrees

Ramdev Gowda Aneganahalli Nagesh, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science, University of Agricultural Science-Dharwad, 2008 —Business

Randall Paul Chevalier, Bennet, Bachelor of Science, University of Phoenix, 2007 —Business

Lindsey Marie Eastwood, Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 —Business

Curt Landon Favinger, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1999 —Business

Thaddeus D. Fineran, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, 1995 —Business

Christopher James Fitzwater, Woodland Park, CO, Bachelor of Business Administration, Baylor University, 2009 —Business

Keith Francis Hansen, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1988 —Business

Andrew Ryan Keck, Plainview, Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 —Business

Jamie Marie Kezeor, Weeping Water, Bachelor of Arts, Hastings College, 2006 —Business

Brent Gerard Kramer, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2008 —Business

Kok Chen Lam, Ipoh, Malaysia, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (Highest Distinction) —Business

Chao Li, Lincoln, Bachelor of Engineering, China University of Geosciences, 2010 —Business

Clay Justin Livingston, Lewellen, Bachelor of Science, United States Military Academy, 2001 —Business

Ayhan Mehmet Oray, Lakewood, CO, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 —Business

Kara L. Penniston, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Design, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 —Business

Eric Geoffrey Ransom, Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, University of Texas at Austin, 2007; Bachelor of Journalism, University of Texas at Austin, 2007 —Business

Elizabeth Ellen Rapp, Lincoln, Bachelor of Business Administration, Western Illinois University, 2008 —Business

Price Clayton Rivers, Jr., Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, Dartmouth College, 1991 —Business

Gisela Faye Shanahan, Monument, CO, Bachelor of Science, University of Maryland-University College, 1992 —Business

Jon Mark Stacey, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science, Union College, 2010 —Business

Robert Joseph Sugrue, Kansas City, MO, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 —Business

Jacob Michael Van Lent, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (Highest Distinction) —Business

Walter Conda Ward, Kenai, AK, Bachelor of Science, George Fox University, 2006 —Business

John Duane Westerholm, Jr., Omaha, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006 —Business

Jake Thomas Whitaker, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 —Business

Brett Anthony Whorley, Thousand Oaks, CA, Bachelor of Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003 —Business

Yanru Xu, Wuhu, 34, China, Bachelors Degree, Chaohu University, 2010 —Business

Master of Professional Accountancy

Noah Mitchell Bieber, Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, Creighton University, 2007; Juris Doctor, Creighton University, 2010 —Accountancy

Adam Michael Fritz, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (Highest Distinction) —Accountancy

Brent William Hanson, Kearney, Bachelor of Science in Biological Systems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 (Highest Distinction) —Accountancy

Lucas Michael Jeratowski, Albion, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2010 (High Distinction) —Accountancy

John Steven Kampfe, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 (High Distinction) —Accountancy

Santosh Khanal, Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts, Loras College, 2009 —Accountancy

Nicholas Grant Linke, Grand Island, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 (Highest Distinction) —Accountancy

Laura Anne Poots, Omaha, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 (High Distinction) —Accountancy

Scott Kyle Stepanek, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 —Accountancy

Bradley Christopher Vankat, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2011 —Accountancy

Christopher Matthew Wagner, Lincoln, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Mississippi College, 2007; Master of Business Administration, Mississippi State University, 2010 —Accountancy

Eric Graham Wright, Omaha, Bachelor of Science, University of Denver, 2009 —Accountancy

So Jin Yu, SungNam, Republic of Korea, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009 —Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Jack Philip Abel, Lincoln

Jessop Beal Adams, Ogallala  (With Highest Distinction)

Jonathan Donald Alderson, Omaha

Misam B. H. Ali, Lincoln  (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Chelsea Lynn Amundson, Arlington  (With Distinction)

Bailey Marie Andersen, Norfolk

Brian L. Anderson, Lincoln

Bailey Marie Andreesen, Ord  (With Highest Distinction)

Yu Bai, Xi’an, China

Kellie Ann Balding, Spearfish, SD

Tyler Joseph Baumert, North Bend

Phillip Richard Baylog, Lincoln   (With High Distinction) (University Honors Program) (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Troy Nicholas Beal, Omaha

Michael Stephen Beliveau, Lincoln   (University Honors Program)

Alicia Jane Bell, Lincoln

Marcus Allen Bender, Hordville

Zachary Mark Benes, Lincoln  (With Highest Distinction)

Matthew A. Benson, Beatrice

Andrew Scott Berry, Lincoln

Ryan Scott Bigler, Papillion

Muhammad Hafizuddin Syafiq Bin Suparlan, Batu Pahat, Malaysia

Brianna Joy Black, Waterloo

Nathan Alan Blazevic, Maple Grove, MN

Tyler Ray Blevins, Lincoln

Eric Scott Bloomquist, Lincoln  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Ross William Boeckner, Lincoln

Kyle James Bogus, Lincoln

Ben Michael Bosco, Omaha  (With High Distinction)

Julianne Jenelle Brechtel, Fullerton, CA  (With Distinction)

Kelsey Marie Bridges, Lincoln  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Matthew Benjamin Bring, Lincoln

Megan Sue Brooke, Stromsburg  (With High Distinction)

Christopher Michael Brostrom, Lincoln

Tyler Henry Douglas Brown, Omaha

Kelsey Jo Brozek, Lincoln

Katrina Jane Bucknall, Rapid City, SD  (With Highest Distinction)

Andrew Paul Buettner, Lincoln

Anna Lee Buettow, Aspen, CO  (With Highest Distinction)

Andrew Joseph Buller, Lincoln

Danielle Renae Burgess, Du Bois

Kaitlyn Nicole Burke, North Vancouver, Canada

James Arthur Burkhardt, Scottsdale, AZ

Cory Lynn Burleson, Midland, TX

Robert Gregg Carlson, Lincoln

Addison Joseph Cauley, Colorado Springs, CO

Benjamin Charles Chandler, Bellevue

Chelsey Jo Charlton, Lincoln

Lisa Michelle Chavez, Tehachapi, CA  (With High Distinction)

Truong Quoc Chong, Lincoln   (With Distinction)

Hill Lam Choy, Kluang, Malaysia   (With Distinction)

Trevin Charles Chramosta, Ravenna

Drew Ryan Christensen, Bellevue

Kelley Ann Christensen, Lincoln   (University Honors Program)

Vance Ryan Christensen, Lincoln

Paul Ryan Claar, Sheldon, IA

Mitchell L. Clark, Lincoln

Amber Nicole Clemetson, Omaha

Daniel Richard Clough, Lincoln

Eric William Clymer, Lincoln   (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Emilie Karen Corbin, Lincoln

Nathan Andrew Cox, Grand Island

Megan Lea Crouch, York

Kyle Berton Curry, Lincoln

Daniel William Dahl, Lincoln

Jared Jameson Dailey, Papillion

Conner Austin Dana, Valley  (With High Distinction)

Jason Lewis Daniels, Lincoln

Zachary Hunter Davy, Norfolk   (With High Distinction)

Maureen Lynne Dempsey, Omaha

Blaire Lauren Dinsdale, Traer, IA  (With High Distinction)

Brooke Logann Dinsdale, Traer, IA  (With High Distinction)

Alex Jay Dolson, Lincoln

Michael Matthew Douglas, Ravenna

Ashley Anne Douglass, Lincoln

Madison Smith Drake, Lincoln

Austin Patrick Duren, Bennington

Randy Robert Dutcher, Greeley

Tiffany J. Dye, York

Alex D. Earll, Grand Island

Lona Dawn Ebert, Lincoln

Ted Michael Elliott, Omaha  (With High Distinction)

Aaron Tyler Erickson, Lincoln

Cara Lynn Erskine, Wilber

Fang Fang, Lincoln

Mengyan Feng, Xian Yang, China

Lori Ann Fischer, Hartington

Ashley Michelle Fiscus, Fremont

Cory James Fishbaugh, Omaha

Grant Michael Fitzgerald, Cedar Bluffs

Kelly Nicole Flanagan, Albion  (With Highest Distinction)

James Patrick Foran, Cincinnati, OH  (With Distinction)

Jared Donald Forst, Lincoln

Jay William Foxhoven, Lincoln

Michael Abraham Friedman, Omaha

Siqin Fu, Lincoln

Michaella Anne Fulmer, Lee’s Summit, MO

Kristin Elizabeth Fyffe, Cincinnati, OH

Nicholas Brian Gangestad, South Sioux City

Ruilong Gao, Qingdao, China

Ryan William Garbers, Lincoln

Steven Garcia, Lincoln

Chase Arthur Geer, Omaha

Julie Ann Giehl, Boulder, CO   (With Distinction)

Sean Alexander Girvan, Omaha

John David Gocken, Fremont

Nicholas James Goddard, Lincoln

Joshua Warren Goding, Fort Collins, CO

Colleen Elizabeth Goetzmann, Omaha

Kathryn Ann Goetzmann, Omaha

Paul Joseph Golwitzer, Omaha

Sonny Alexander Gonzalez, Grand Island

Deauna Joy Goodwin, Lincoln

Molly Katherine Gottschalk, Omaha

Michael Maurice Grier, Omaha

Samuel John Griffin, Lincoln

Kinsey Michal Grove, Lincoln

Mitchell Eugene Guinane, Omaha

Todd Anthony Gulizia, Omaha  (With High Distinction)

Hassan A. Gumeel, Lincoln

Geordie Sudhir Halma, Brandon, SD  (With High Distinction)

Marian Rose Hanigan, Lincoln   (With Highest Distinction)   (University Honors Program)

Catrina Kay Harris, Waverly  (With Highest Distinction)   (University Honors Program)

Jenna Leigh Hayek, Hastings

Tarron William Hecox, Cozad  (With Highest Distinction)

Andrew Michael Heiden, Lincoln

Alexandra Lee Hein, Libertyville, IL  (With High Distinction)

Callie Jo Helms, Sioux Falls, SD  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Carson Joseph Hemmann, Amherst

Alexandra Kay Heuertz, Jacksonville, FL

Jeffrey James Hicks, Omaha  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Anne Kathleen Hildebrand, Dakota Dunes, SD   (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Matthew David Hilgenkamp, Colon   (With Highest Distinction)

Brett William Himmelberg, Lincoln

Laura Beth Hirschman, Fremont   (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Kyla Marie Hochstein, Lincoln

Gregory Jordan Hogan, Pensacola, FL

Katlyn Marie Hoggatt, Lincoln

Kyle Douglas Holcomb, Waverly

Travis Ryan Holl, Lincoln

Jonathan Cooper Holt, Johnston, IA

Colby Lee Honke, Lincoln  (With High Distinction)

Cody Lee Horrocks, Lincoln

Austin Andrew Hottovy, Lincoln

Joshua Matthew Hrabik, Cedar Creek

Erica M. Hromas, Kearney

Guan Huang, Yulin, China

Katie Marie Hunke, West Point

Andrew Jay Imhoff, Lincoln

Justin Jack Jackson, Roca

Tayler Marie Jackson, Omaha

David J. Jacobs, Lincoln

Nikki Frances Jacobsen, Lincoln

Tyler Alan Jacobsen, Fort Collins, CO

Molly Jayne Jaksich, Papillion

Joel Donald Jantzen, Plymouth  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Daniel John Jenkins, Lincoln

Darr Eugene Jenkins, Savannah, MO

Garrett Steven Jensen, Lincoln

Lauren Ashley Jewell, Las Vegas, NV

Alexandra Claire Johannes, Omaha

Casey Jean Johnson, Kearney

Ian Matthew Jordan, Plano, TX

Tyler Alan Jorgensen, Grand Island

Tiffany Marie Jorn, Lincoln

Nathan Tyler Jurgens, Papillion

Sarah Elizabeth Karnes, Hastings

Jordan Kyle Kasemodel, Sioux Falls, SD

Thomas Leonard Katusin, Omaha

Emily Rose Kavanaugh, Lincoln  (University Honors Program)

Lindsey Ann Killeen, Elkhorn

Myungeun Kim, Seoul, Republic of Korea   (With High Distinction)

Holly Elizabeth Kirk, Prairie du Sac, WI

Matthew Alan Kisker, Lincoln

Jesse Allen Kleven, Lincoln

Kayla Jo Knopik, Papillion

Kelli Jo Koch, Wynot

Cameron Lee Kochenower, Gering

Michael James Kohout, Clatonia

Mitchell Scott Kohout, Clatonia

Emily Ann Koopmann, Raymond   (University Honors Program)

Nicholas Ryan Krieger, Adams  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Steven Christopher Kriesen, Lincoln

Alexander Krynsky, Lincoln

Alex Michael Kurtenbach, Lincoln

Nellie Marie Kurtenbach, Lindsay

Jesse Dawn Kutschara, Lincoln

Sze Qi Lai, Kluang, Malaysia   (With Highest Distinction)

Erica Thu Quyen Lam, Olathe, KS  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Ka Cheng Lam, Macao, Macao

Jasmine Lee Laugerman, Brooklyn Center, MN

Joseph Daniel Laughlin, Omaha

Sara Marie Lauterbach, Louisville, CO  (With High Distinction)

Cong T. Le, Lincoln

Patrick Douglas Lebsack, Hastings

Drew Francis Lechner, Union

Paige Elizabeth Lee, Firth

Phei Yee Lee, Shah Alam, Malaysia  (With Highest Distinction)

Samuel Jaemyun Lee, Omaha

Derek James Leif, Papillion

Alex Donald Leighton, Lincoln

Patrick Scott Leininger, Lincoln

Dana Lauren Leise, Lincoln

Lauren Kaye Lemke, Columbus  (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Katelyn Elizabeth Lewis, Lenexa, KS  (With High Distinction)

Haoming Li, Xi’an, China

Xin Li, Hangzhou, China  (With Highest Distinction)

Xueming Li, Xi’an, China

Yue Li, Chongqing, China

Joseph Emmett Libal, Lexington

Stephanie Dee Liekhus, Lincoln

Brian Anthony Lierk, Alliance

Kirk Robert Liermann, Yutan

Nicholas Tuck Meng Liew, Klang, Malaysia

Jin Yang Lim, Sungai Petani, Malaysia

Long Lin, Hangzhou, China

Cerissa Cae Linegar, Gothenburg

Guo Liu, Xi’an, China

Yang Liu, Xi’an, China

Brian Charles Logan, Omaha

Jacob Matthew Long, Lincoln

Nicholas William Long, Omaha

Josie Mae Longnecker, Winside

David Daniel López, Lincoln  (University Honors Program)

Daniel Nave Loudon, Battle Creek, MI

Max Michael Luber, Grand Island  (With Highest Distinction)

Kelsey Erin Ludvik, Omaha

Taleah Hannah Lukesh, Gurley

Alden Daly Madsen, Shenandoah, IA

Chase Austin Magnett, Omaha  (With Distinction)

Kelly Patricia Magnus, Eagan, MN  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Jwamer Jafar Majid, Lincoln

Jeffrey Charles Markley, North Platte

Bryan Anthony Mattes, Gretna

Mathew Lloyd May, Imperial

Alexandria Marie McCann, Omaha

Megan Imelda McClymont, Lincoln

Shannon Glenn McCoy, Papillion  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Justin Robert McQuistan, York

David Michael Meagher, Cordova, TN   (With Distinction)

Samuel Wood Meginnis, Lincoln

Brent Steven Menke, Beatrice

Kelsey Rose Meuret, Brunswick  (University Honors Program)

Jeremy Jay Meyer, Lincoln

Joseph Kelby Meyers, Lincoln

Danielle Kathleen Miller, Littleton, CO

Heath Thomas Miller, Omaha  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Bobbi Jean Millwood, Beatrice

Clinton Charles Mink, Lincoln

Kelsey Kay Molacek, Stanton

Joshua Anthony Molek, Omaha

Erin McMahon Mollner, Omaha

Francis Ray Monzo IV, Saint Charles, IL

Alisha Ann Morris, Lincoln

Jillaine Ruth Morrison, Ramsey, MN  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Ryan Leigh Mussman, Lincoln

Nathaniel Lucas Myers, Grand Island

Kelsie Nicole Neeman, Lincoln

Katherine Anne Neujahr, Gibbon

Justin Lee Newton, Fairbury

Kuan Ee Ng, Perai, Malaysia

Giao Thi Xuan Nguyen, Lincoln

Mia Thuy Nguyen, Lincoln

Adam Michael Niemeyer, Sioux Falls, SD

Sarah Jane Nolan, Red Cloud  (With Highest Distinction)

Britny Jayne Novacek, Lincoln

Brett Peter Nymeyer, Stratford, Canada

Brett Michael O’Brien, Ord

Logan Daniel Ohs, Lincoln

J Alex Olson, Omaha

Ryan James Olson, Lincoln  (University Honors Program)

Amy Elizabeth Orth, Lincoln

Rachelle Lynne Osborn, Council Bluffs, IA

Jacie Lynn Ottersberg, Beatrice

May Hnin Ou, Yangon, Myanmar  (With Highest Distinction)

Calin Alexandru Paar, Aschneim, Germany

Krit Palakavong Na Ayudhaya, Lincoln

Sarah Elizabeth Pandorf, Lincoln

Jacob Mark Pane, Omaha

Giacomo Panizzolo, Bosco, Italy  (With Highest Distinction)

Daniel Robert Pasko, Waterloo

Melissa Marie Pekny, Columbus

Diana Catalina Pena, Lincoln  (With Distinction)

Jedidiah Nelson Peters, Sioux Falls, SD  (With High Distinction)

Dustin Jon Peterson, Lincoln

Jacob Michael Pfeifer, Omaha  (With High Distinction)

Huan The Pham, Lincoln  (With Distinction)

Natalie Joy Phillips, Lincoln

Tuan Cong Phun, Lincoln

Rebecca Jo Piccolo, Bennington

Trey Steven Pick, Omaha

Bailey Jo Pink, Omaha  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Anne Mae Plucinak, Hermiston, OR

Kathryn Noel Popowski, Palatine, IL

Morgan MaKenzie Potthoff, Lincoln

Brittney Jean Prorok, Lincoln

Ryan Joseph Pryor, Lincoln  (With High Distinction)

Dustin Alan Quasney, Mitchell, SD

Lukshani Narmada Ratnayake, Maharagama, Sri Lanka

Joshua Thomas Rauner, Lincoln

Kyler Eugene Reed, Kansas City, KS

Garrett Archer Rehkamp, Lincoln

Lauren Christine Rehm, Lincoln

Alysha Rose Reinhart, Stuart

Jessica Lynn Rezac, Mitchell, SD   (With Distinction)

Austin Marlin Ritzman, Plattsburg, MO

Dustin James Roby, Louisville

Nathan W. Ronci, Omaha

Ryan William Root, Holmesville   (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Nathan Daniel Rose, South Sioux City

David Joseph Ross, Omaha

Robert Ian Rutherford, Omaha

Daniel James Ryan, Blair  (With Distinction)

Asawar Sajid, Lincoln

Keisha E Salazar, Scottsbluff

Amanda Nicole Sambasile, Omaha   (University Honors Program)

Ryan Cole Sandoz, Chadron

Miran Senad Saric, Bismarck, ND

Leanne Elizabeth Schneider, Lincoln

Carolyn Nancy Schorgl, Leawood, KS  (With High Distinction)

Kelsey Jean Schuessler, Dalton

Timothy Robert Schwanz, Brooklyn Park, MN

Joshua Lee Scranton, Plainview

Amy Jo Sehi, Lincoln

Kady Colleen Shane, O’Neill

Kevin John Shanle, Lincoln

Nathan Lakshman Shanmugam, Overland Park, KS

David Allen Sharp, Plattsmouth

John Michael Shurtliff, Grayslake, IL  (With Highest Distinction)

Eric Joseph Sitzman, Plattsmouth

Blair Christine Slapper, Prairie Village, KS

Parker Milo Smith, Omaha   (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Sean Michael Smith, Lincoln   (With Distinction)

Sara Christine Smits, Bellevue   (With Highest Distinction)

Aaron J. Snyder, Fairbury

Raeann Marie Snyder, Lincoln

Thomas Allen Stadler, North Platte

Shannon Renae Stadther, Eagan, MN

Andrew John Steffensmeier, Lincoln  (With Distinction)

Khrystyne Marie Stiens, Skidmore, MO

Derek Thomas Stieren, Omaha  (With Highest Distinction)

Chelsey Lauren Stotts, Lincoln

Robert Lee-Ayres Sullivan, Wahoo  (With Highest Distinction)

Scott Ryan Summers, Papillion

Bojiao Sun, Nanchang City, China

Jacob Daniel Sweetwood, Elkhorn

Amber Nicole Swenseth, Lincoln  (With Distinction)

Yu Vern Teo, Georgetown, Malaysia

Benjamin John Theye, Wymore  (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Joseph James Thiel, Lincoln

Benjamin Michael Thiele, Lincoln  (With Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Michael Joseph Thielen, Omaha

Robert Conleth Thielen, Omaha

Brandon Clay Thompson, The Woodlands, TX

Martina Jessi Thurber, Firth

Maosha Tian, Chengdu, China

Sarah Elizabeth Tietz, Aberdeen, SD  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Dustin Joseph Todd, Trenton

Adam Joseph Tracy, Grand Island

Thai Quang Tran, Lincoln

Tuan Quang Tran, Hastings

Maximillian Edwin Triba, Bennington

Christopher Craig Tripe, Alma

Elise Michelle Tunakan, Lenexa, KS

Blake Jay Uhlken, Scottsbluff

Saul Valdez, Madison

Levi Michael Valentine, Ravenna

Megan Layne Voichoski, Lincoln  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Nathan Michael Walden, Goehner

Cheng Wang, Lincoln

Haitao Wang, Xi`an, China

Kristin Marie Wanser, Omaha

Katherine Elaine Weander, Omaha  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Mary Leigh Weatherholt, Prairie Village, KS   (With High Distinction)

Courtney Lauren Wells, Palmer  (With Highest Distinction)  (University Honors Program)

Andrew John Wesely, Lincoln

Alicia Nicole Wheeler, Grand Island

Jaclyn Marie White, Lincoln

Derek Jonathan Wichman, Nebraska City

Andrew John Wickert, Omaha

Paul Robert Wickert, Omaha

Belinda Jean Wilkinson, Lincoln

Jeremy Scott Wilkinson, Syracuse

Kyle Franklin Wilkinson, Lincoln

Patrick Renae Williams, Cortland

Benjamin Scott Williamson, Lincoln

Brandon Matthew Wilson, Arlington, TX

Sarah Louise Wilson, Hershey  (With Highest Distinction)

Kendra Lee Wolfe, Lincoln

Matthew Michael Wolff, Sidney

Hilary Lynne Woltemath, Lincoln

Cho Sing Wong, David City

Alexander Joshua Wood, Pawnee City

Yao Wu, Lincoln

Kyle Philip Wurtz, Fort Collins, CO  (With High Distinction)  (University Honors Program)  (Jeffrey S. Raikes School)

Rui Xian, Chengdu, China  (With High Distinction)

Ti Xue, Nanyang, China

Iun Yi Yeoh, Kuantan, Malaysia

Alex Gene Young, Lincoln

Qianzimo Yu, Beijing, China

Weiting Yue, Qingdao, China

Jonathon Ford Yunker, Lincoln

Andrew David Zehnder, Omaha

Elena Zehnder, Omaha

Chengxin Zhang, Xi’an, China

Zhe Zhang, Xi’an, China  (With Distinction)

Shuai Zhao, Qingdao, China

Darin Len Zimmerman, Omaha

Taylor James Zlomke, Broken Bow

Braden Patrick Zysset, Roca
Published: May 10, 2012