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New Graduate Certificate Program Blends Analytics with Supply Chain

Four Online Courses Designed to Advance Careers
New Graduate Certificate Program Blends Analytics with Supply Chain
The new fully online graduate certificate program in supply chain analytics provides professionals new data skills to adapt to rapid change happening in their careers.

Although disruptions in the global economy took a toll on business this year, a new online graduate certificate program in supply chain analytics teaches students to navigate the new normal of change. The program strengthens skills that integrate big data with demands of modern logistics in four online eight-week courses.

“Analytics is important in all industries, but especially those where effective supply chain management is critical to profitability,” said Dr. Jennifer Ryan, Ron and Carol Cope College Professor and chair of the Department of Supply Chain Management and Analytics. “This new certificate is particularly relevant for professionals working in supply chain management who have discovered the importance of data in performing job duties and managing operations or logistics. The certificate helps students develop skills and learn technology needed to manage data and improve decision-making.”

Ryan explained the practical nature of the supply chain analytics graduate certificate makes it ideal for those seeking career advancement in today’s data-intensive and technology-driven world. The program focuses on the most commonly used software tools and analytical methods.

“Students learn how to apply spreadsheets to model and analyze supply chains, and gain exposure to other commonly-used software, such as Microsoft Project, Crystal Ball and R, through their choice of elective courses. It also introduces quantitative and analytical models, methods and tools most frequently used in supply chain management, including the statistical and data analysis techniques such as forecasting, and the optimization and simulation tools that can be applied to design, analyze and improve supply chains,” she said.

According to Ryan, the flexible nature of the program allows professionals with work and family obligations to complete the coursework.

“Students can choose to complete the certificate at their own pace. The program can easily be completed in under a year by taking just one course at a time. Students can also progress more slowly if needed, taking time off between courses when life gets busy. In addition, our College of Business graduate programs are consistently rated to offer great value for the cost,” said Ryan.

A flat cost of $650 per credit hour applies to all students regardless where they live. Although the program is F1 visa exempt, international admission requires no extra charge.

The two required courses include Supply Chain Management Strategies (GRBA 815) and Business Analytics (GBRA851). Students then choose two electives from the following course options: Advanced Enterprise Systems (SCMA 831), Project Management and Implementation (SCMA 836), Risk and Simulation Modeling (SCMA 837), Business Data Mining and Descriptive Analytics (SCMA 853), Predictive Analysis (SCMA 851) and Prescriptive Analytics (SCMA 855).

“The certificate program allows someone to enhance their skill set without committing to a master’s degree,” Ryan said. “At the same time, students who start the program and find they want more will have the opportunity to use credits earned towards an advanced degree, such as our M.S. in Business Analytics, which is also offered entirely online in eight-week terms as well.”

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Published: September 22, 2020