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Nebraska Offers New Online M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Nebraska Offers New Online M.S. in Supply Chain Management
The new online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management allows students to earn credentials to advance their careers in an in-demand field while maintaining their current work and life commitments.

The new online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business allows students to pursue a flexible graduate degree in a fast-paced, growing field. Supply chain management serves a critical component of virtually every industry with high demand for individuals who can help organizations better understand, manage and coordinate their supply chains.

“At no time in history has more attention focused on the supply chain than now. Whether you’re already a supply chain professional looking for more knowledge in your area, someone who moved into the supply chain function from other areas in business or engineering, or you simply desire to get into this exciting field, it’s an excellent time to advance your credentials with an M.S. in Supply Chain Management,” said Dr. Scott Swenseth, associate professor of supply chain management and analytics.

In the program, students discover innovative concepts and tools used in supply chain management and learn to apply analytics to design, analyze and improve supply chain systems. Students choose whether to take multiple classes per semester or concentrate on one concept at a time through courses focused on business fundamentals and the key areas of supply chain, including logistics, sourcing and production planning.

Dr. Jennifer Ryan, Ron and Carol Cope Professor of Supply Chain Management and Analytics and department chair, noted the new master’s degree program provides extra preparation for moving forward in a valuable career field.

“This program enhances your marketability regardless of your undergraduate area of study. The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shows how critical the supply chain is in all aspects of business, health care, government and manufacturing. Managing the supply chain changes daily. Our master’s degree prepares students to make data-driven decisions to solve complex economic challenges,” she said.

According to Ryan, the flexible nature of the fully online 30-credit-hour program allows professionals with work and family obligations to complete the coursework in eight-week sessions. A flat cost of $650 per credit hour applies to all students regardless where they live.

“Students can complete the program at their own pace with the option to adjust or take time off between courses when life gets busy. In addition, our College of Business graduate programs are consistently rated to offer great value for the cost,” said Ryan.

Apply by April 1 to enroll in the summer term, July 1 to enroll in the fall term or by November 1 to enroll in the spring term. Learn more about the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management at

Those not interested in pursuing a master's degree right away can enroll in the online graduate certificate programs in supply chain management, supply chain analytics or business analytics. These certificate programs offer a smooth transition to a master's degree if desired. Additionally, the college’s portfolio of online graduate business programs continues to expand, adding online graduate certificate programs in marketing analytics and strategic marketing. 

Published: March 16, 2021