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Forty Students Begin Sales Program

Certificate Program Helps Develop In-Demand Skills
Forty Students Begin Sales Program
The Center for Sales Excellence at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln welcomed 40 new students into the Undergraduate Certificate of Sales Excellence Program at an induction ceremony in February.

Forty University of Nebraska–Lincoln students were inducted into the Undergraduate Certificate of Sales Excellence Program in the College of Business. With the special professional selling credential from the Center for Sales Excellence, students hone the communication, problem-solving and decision-making skills employers seek and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Sales students meet with the center's corporate partners at their induction ceremony, welcoming them into the sales certificate program.

"Well-known national companies in multiple industries recruit from our sales program and come back on a regular basis because they are pleased with the students they hired. They value the skills we help our students develop in the program — skills that are relevant not only to sales but to any job that requires building relationships with people," said Ravi Sohi, professor of marketing, Robert D. Hays Distinguished Chair of Sales Excellence and executive director of the Center for Sales Excellence.

Sohi added that almost all students have a job upon graduation. Companies that recently hired sales students include Dell, Deloitte, Gallup, Hubspot, Mutual of Omaha, NRC Health, Oracle, Sandhills Global, Union Pacific and Walt Disney Company.

"Students who apply for the program are very motivated and willing to put in the extra work that is required for all the sales courses they'll take. They are interested in earning the extra credential provided by the certificate and are aware of its value to potential employers," he said.

Founded in 2013, the Center for Sales Excellence has been named a "Top University for Professional Sales Education" by the Sales Education Foundation every year since 2014-15. Students in the center connect with corporate partners and have opportunities to compete at national and international sales competitions.

The program's new students represent nine majors and three colleges. Open to all majors at the university, the program's application process includes students submitting their resume and a statement of interest. Once selected for the undergraduate certificate program, students begin taking courses taught by sales and marketing faculty at the College of Business the following semester.

"Students love the program and the faculty who teach their classes. We don't just teach them but help them develop as individuals with job skills that give them an edge in the marketplace. Companies love our students. It's a winning combination," Sohi said.

The students pursuing their undergraduate certificate of sales excellence are listed below by hometown, with their year in school in the spring 2024 semester and academic major(s).


Ashland: Parker Poole, sophomore business administration major

Beatrice: Joshua Buhr, sophomore finance major

Bellevue: Andrea Boslaugh, junior marketing major

Bennington: Evan Tomlinson, sophomore marketing major

Brainard: Reid Glasshoff, sophomore business administration major

Elkhorn: Ben Hastreiter, senior marketing major; Nolan Lane. sophomore marketing major; Reagan Moritz, junior marketing major

Grand Island: Carson Wolfe, sophomore marketing major

Greenwood: Briana Sulentic, junior economics major

Gretna: Dane Westengaard, junior marketing major

Lincoln: Nicolas Deaver, sophomore finance major; Kate Peterson, sophomore marketing major; TJ Stanek, junior marketing major; Joe Sutko, sophomore marketing major

Omaha: Ellie Anglim, sophomore business administration major; Cooper DeWolfe, sophomore finance major; Caroline Dubisar, sophomore marketing major; Bekki Franco, junior pre-health major; Alec Franksmann, freshman finance major; Simon Hanus, junior business administration major; Colin Herdzina, sophomore finance major; Andrew Jiron, junior business administration and music major; Sydney Moore, junior business administration major; Catelyn Rodenbiker, senior marketing major

Papillion: Ethan Schroeder, sophomore finance major

Pender: Trey Johnson, sophomore marketing major

Plattsmouth: Joe Vrtiska, sophomore business administration major

Waterloo: Jonah Harrison, sophomore accounting and finance major

North Sioux City: Mia Conley, junior business administration major

Sioux Falls: Matthew Haar, junior marketing major


Bartlett, Illinois: Alex Majus, junior finance major

Blue Valley, Illinois: Joseph Weinberger, freshman business administration major

Chicago, Illinois: Ben Penner, sophomore finance major

Grayslake, Illinois: Owen Miller, freshman marketing major

Lake Zurich, Illinois: Taggart Niepomnik, sophomore finance major

Roscoe, Illinois: Joe Idstein, sophomore management major

Wheaton, Illinois: Paige Leonard, sophomore marketing major

Salina, Kansas: Reed McHenry, senior marketing major

Waconia, Minnesota: Nora Bailey, sophomore international business

Published: February 15, 2024