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March 22, 2017

Davis Explores Passion for Marketing and Leadership with Transfer to CBA

Davis Explores Passion for Marketing and Leadership with Transfer to CBA
Audrey Davis’ search for a supportive community led her to Nebraska
Audrey Davis transferred to University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration to find a supportive community where she could hone her marketing skills. At Nebraska, she gains valuable experience and maximizes her creativity in her role as a student organization leader.
“I was so excited to be in Nebraska. Everyone here has a common thread and an attitude that makes them accessible that you just don’t see elsewhere. It’s easy to find a community here. Plus when you tell someone you go to Nebraska, they almost always look at you, smile and say, ‘Oh, you’re a Husker!’ This place has a great reputation and it opens doors,” said Davis, an Omaha native with Texas roots.
CBA academic advisors assisted the senior marketing major when she transferred to Nebraska. The advisors helped her with everything from finding the right degree program, transferring credit, scholarships and financial aid.
“The advising staff had all the answers. I knew coming in what programs were available, what would transfer and costs. I was even able to qualify for in-state tuition because I graduated from a Nebraska high school. They walked me through the whole process, and I always felt like I could ask anything,” she said.
Once at CBA, classes like Marketing Channels and Distribution caught Davis’ attention and led her to pursue marketing as her major. The degree, one of 10 offered at CBA, highlights skills and knowledge in areas like communications, sales, research, retail and even tourism.
This summer Audrey Davis will intern at Nalco Champion in Houston, Texas
This summer Audrey Davis will intern at Nalco Champion in Houston, Texas
“Marketing requires creativity, which has become a passion for me. It’s intriguing to figure out why consumers buy what they buy and how promotion and marketing influences their behavior. Classes where we study marketing channels had me focused. Seeing all the ways we can communicate with a consumer and how that influences a consumer’s behavior excites me. I want to love what I do and CBA has helped me find that passion,” she said.
This summer, Davis will utilize her skills to practice marketing analysis. She accepted a three-month internship at Nalco Champion, an Ecolab Company in Houston, Texas.
“I will be taking customer surveys and analyzing them so we can forecast the next generation of Nalco Champion customers. This will allow us to figure out where our customers will come from and how to identify new target markets,” she said.
As an executive member of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), a coed fraternity for college students interested in furthering their sales, marketing and management skills, Davis promotes members gaining business experience through networking, marketing group projects and community service. The CBA chapter participates in an annual sell-a-thon to build sales skills. This year’s event will take place in St. Louis in April.
“Being one of the executive members of PSE has been a wonderful growth opportunity for me. It has been a great way to find a community to be involved with, step out of my comfort zone and interact with people. Building a group requires you to recruit and sell the experience. Doing things like sponsoring a booth at a student event or planning a team event like a national case study helps you build skills. Working with the group and participating helps you work on communication and networking skills that are just as important to professionals,” Davis said.
More than 25 organizations offer programming and events related to all facets of business at CBA. To learn more about student organizations and how to get involved at CBA, visit