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CBA Faculty and Staff Receive Recognition for Contributions to Students

The UNL College of Business Administration had 13 faculty and staff members honored by the UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association at an annual recognition ceremony on Feb. 3. Certificates of recognition for contributions to students were given during the ceremony.

The awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff about the work they do with students.
The 2011-2012 CBA recipients are listed below.

Numbers in parentheses indicate the years a recipient has received the award. If no number is listed, the award is a first-time honor.

Accountancy — Arthur Allen; Debra Cosgrove (5)

Advising — Jeff Burdic (4); D’vee Buss (7); Betsy Klemme (3)

Center for Entrepreneurship — Deb Payne

Economics — Sam Allgood (3); Carlos Asarta (4); Elizabeth Hefel

Finance — Jeff Johnson (2); Warren Luckner (8)

Management — Richard Kimbrough; Samuel Nelson (2)

The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. All who were nominated by at least one parent and/or student and who are still with the university received a certificate.
Published: February 24, 2012