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Burdic Receives Award from NU Board of Regents

Assistant Director Acknowledged for Outstanding Student Service
Burdic Receives Award from NU Board of Regents
Jeff Burdic, ’75, assistant director of Business Advising and Student Engagement at the College of Business, received his second Kudos Award from the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. His wife, Stephanie Burdic, accompanied him at Nebraska Innovation Campus when receiving the award.

Jeff Burdic, ’75, assistant director of Business Advising and Student Engagement (BASE) at the College of Business, received his second Kudos Award from the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. The university's top staff award, the honor recognizes his professional expertise, service and “superior dedication” to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

“At the beginning of each Board of Regents meeting, we take time to recognize those persons who too often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. The Board of Regents believes it is very important to acknowledge their commitment, as well as their contributions to their university. To have been nominated by a either a supervisor or fellow worker is an honor in and of itself,” said Regent Paul Kenney, chair of the board, at the April meeting.

Recognized for his ability and willingness to go above and beyond advocating for each student he meets, Burdic has served in academic advising at the College of Business for nearly 20 years. Student feedback highlighted his ability to care and help them better understand their college path.

Jeff Burdic
Student feedback highlighted Burdic’s ability to care and help them plan their college path, as well as instill confidence. Photo taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic.

“With my experience, I know what’s wrong or what might be done differently. I know the different programs they might think about adding to the courses they have. If they don’t know what they’re doing, I can ask questions to see what they like or don’t like. It’s a lot more than just trying to find the courses for them to take, it’s how to help set students up for life afterwards,” said Burdic.

Before joining the college, Burdic taught business as a professor at several institutions. That experience, alongside an MBA earned from Nebraska, helps him best serve the numerous business students he sees every day.

“I’ve taught most of the courses in the business core foundation and intermediate. I’m familiar with those and so when I talk to students, I know what they need to watch out for, how hard they are and how much math they require,” he said. 

Burdic highlighted how advising often goes beyond just helping set up class schedules for students.

“A lot of our students will come in and have any number of difficulties going on in their lives besides academics, so helping them feel like they can make it and finding ways for them to make it, those kinds of things are just as important,” he said.

As this year's honoree, Burdic represented the college as a nominee for the University of Nebraska Board of Regents Kudos Award. Selected from a pool of staff making an impact across the university, his Regents' honor came as no surprise to Jen Mostek, director of BASE, who believes Burdic elevates the level of advising in the college.

“Jeff helps create a great environment in BASE. He brings ideas, institutional knowledge and even doughnuts. We can count on Jeff to bring levity at just the right times. More importantly, he is a wealth of knowledge and helps makes each advisor and myself better,” she said.

To Mostek, Burdic personifies what it means to be a part of the university. She sees the widespread impact of his work throughout the college and beyond.

“Jeff embodies the university principle of Every Person and Every Interaction Matters because he is intentional about making students feel heard as he helps guide them through their academic, professional and personal goals,” she said. “He has worked with thousands of students over the years and they each had his undivided attention as he helped them through what they needed at the time: getting back on track academically, finding their place at Nebraska, choosing a study abroad program or something as ‘easy’ as a schedule for the upcoming term.”

While Burdic graciously accepted the awards, he remained humble, crediting all advisors and others on campus for the work they carry out with students.

“I think there are a lot of advisors and other staff and faculty members who go above and beyond with students and provide great help for them that never get recognized. Although I am grateful that I have been recognized, I also appreciate how many other people do such a great job and work so hard to try and help our students,” he said. 

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Published: May 18, 2021

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