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November 10, 2019

Nebraska Business Guiding Principles

Nebraska Business Guiding Principles
Students and alumni display their favorite guiding principles.
Guiding Principles

Each of the guiding principles is critical to our success. They begin with the focus on self and move toward the focus on the greater good. They call on every member of our community — students, faculty, staff, alumni and everyone who has a stake in our success — to act on these principles. In making these principles part of the fabric of our community, we enhance our ability to fulfill the mission and enrich the intellectual vitality of Nebraska Business.

Challenge Yourself
Carolina Frias Diaz, sophomore international business major from Cajica, Colombia
“It means you have to get out of your comfort zone and explore what the world has to offer. Every day the College of Business has something new to offer. Right now for me, studying abroad is the biggest challenge I want to achieve.”
Carolina Frias Diaz

Be Inclusive
Tyler Rogert, sophomore finance and management major and Clifton Builder from Lincoln, Nebraska
“To me, being inclusive means placing equal value on everyone. Accepting new cultures, ideas and viewpoints is an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the people around me. Through the College of Business, I’ve been exposed to tons of people of differing backgrounds from my own. I feel these interactions helped me to broaden my understanding of the world and allowed me to grow as a person in a way that wouldn’t be possible outside of the university.”
Tyler Rogert

Ask Bold Questions
Edgar Montoya, junior management major with minors in marketing and psychology from Ralston, Nebraska
“A bold question is one that requires you to think critically and thoughtfully — something that is open-ended and allows for a detailed response. It is these types of questions that garnish the best responses. The College of Business continues to prepare me to think outside of the box, to challenge myself and my worldview, to not be afraid to seek answers and to ask many questions. Continuous learning is fundamental to personal and professional development.”
Edgar Montoya

Look to the Future
Ra’Daniel Arvie, sophomore business administration major from Omaha, Nebraska
“The College of Business helps me ‘Look to the Future’ by having resources such as the Business Career Center and Employer in Residence. These resources expose other CoB students and me to the wide variety of occupations in the world of business.”
Ra’Daniel Arvie

Make it Matter
Mary Morton, junior management major in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy from Waverly, Nebraska
“Make it matter means giving it all you have to create a difference. Choosing to be present, mentally and physically, in all your experiences. Using each opportunity as a chance to have an impact beyond the scope of one specific activity.”
Mary Morton

Challenge Yourself
Joey Felici, ‘14, Director of Development for College of Business, University of Nebraska Foundation
“Compete in life, every single day. As a business graduate and a former student-athlete, that’s what my coaches instilled in me every day. Always challenge yourself to be the best you can be.”
Joey Felici

Ask Bold Questions
Lindsey Eastwood Spehn, ‘12 MBA, Senior Consultant, Gallup
“Never be afraid to voice your point of view to find out what’s possible. I’m on several boards where I’m the youngest in the room or the only woman, so I make an effort to ask the questions, ‘Why is it we’re doing it this way? Is there a better way?’ It’s important to continuously seek the most innovative or efficient ways to do big things.”
Lindsey Eastwood Spehn