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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Doctoral Graduates

The Department of Finance recognizes our doctoral graduates. These doctoral graduates are presented along with their dissertations. Our graduate level demonstrates a commitment to excellence in a variety of complex contemporary financial issues.

Doctoral Graduates
Name Affiliation Dissertation Year
Arshadi, Nasser University of Missouri-St Louis Determinants of New Bank Performace 1982
Auciello-Newfeld, Daria Dominican Republic University 2010
Baek, Chung Troy University - Dothan Campus Comparison of Alternative Option Pricing Models: Systematic Versus Mixed Systematic/Diversifiable Jump Diffusion 2006
Bale, Jill Doane College Why Firms Issue Preferred Stocks 1993
Bengtson, Cynthia Woodman of the World The Life Cycle of the Firm: Pension Management Incentives Within the PBGC Structure 1996
Bredthauer, Jeffrey University of Nebraska-Lincoln Two Essays on the Housing Bubble 2011
Brown, Todd Stephen F. Austin State University Managerial Optimism and Market Misvaluation: The Effects on Mergers and Acquisitions 2006
Bui, Loc Tan Susquehanna University Essays in Fixed-Income Securities 2023
Burgman, Todd Multinational Corporate Capital Structure: Theory and Evidence 1993
Choi, Bong-Dae Dividend Signalling, Analysts' Earnings Forecasts, and Insider Trading 1990
Clarke, Anthony Bellevue University Testing for the Presence of Momentum and Mean Reversion in Individual Stock Returns 2000
Deng, Lin City University of Macau Two Essays on Corporate Finance 2022
Dga, Ei-Run An Empirical Examination of Deposit Insurance Decisions  
Dudney, Donna University of Nebraska-Lincoln A Rational Expectations Test of the Size Anomaly 1997
Dunham, Lee Creighton University The Dynamic Relation Among Investment, Earnings and Dividends 2008
Emekter, Riza Robert Morris University The Effect of Government Debt Quantity Shocks on the Term Structure of Interest Rates 2004
Fabrizio, Vincenzo Erasmus University Rotterdam How Diversity Affects Firm Outcomes in Different Contexts 2022
Frickel, Beverly University of Central Oklahoma An Analysis of Strategic Group Formation and Performance in the Property and Liability Insurance Industry 1992
Gasper, Julie Ann Asset Depletion and Cash Flow Increase Effects of Reverse Mortgage Use by Elderly Households 1984
Griswold, Melissa University of Missouri - Columbia Evidence of Self Selecting in Banking and the Impact on Bank Performance 1996
Harris, Christopher R. Elon University Dissertation: Securitization and Trade Credit 2013
Hassan, Mohammad Kabirul University of New Orleans Off-Balance Sheet Items and Risk-Taking Behavior of Commercial Banks 1990
Hensrud-Ellingson, Shari A Reexamination of the Impact of Demographics on the Stock and Price of Housing 1998
Ivanov, Stoyu San Jose State University Three Essays on S&P 500 Index Constituent Changes 2009
Jackman, Thomas Nebraska Wesleyan Corporate Bankruptcy and Prediction: An Analysis of Multi-Discriminant, Logit and Survival Models Using the Statement of Cash Flows 2011
Jares, Timothy University of Nebraska at Kearney The Survival and Consequences of Noise Traders in Financial Markets: A Numerical Modeling Approach 1998
Jensen, Gerald Creighton University The Importance of Bankruptcy Costs in Firms' Capital Structure Decisions 1988
Jeutang, Noel Pavel University of South Dakota The Outcome of Prior Stock Repurchase Decisions and its Effect on Future Stock Repurchasing Decisions 2014
Jirasakuldech, Benjamas Slippery Rock University Financial Disclosure and Speculative Bubbles: An International Comparison 2002
Johnson, Robert CFA Institute Three Essays on Executive Compensation 1988
Joyce, William Eastern Illinois University Managerial Compensation & Loan Loss Reserve Accounting 1997
Jurn, Iksu Saginaw Valley State University Tests of the Rationality of Price Forecasts in the Stock Market: A Variable Intercept Model Approach 1991
Kamal, Rashiqa University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Director Stock Ownerships Plans, Firm Performance, And Acquisition Activity of the Firms 2008
Kim, Dae-Lyong The Empirical Study of Performance Rating and Distribution of Mutual Fund Under the Finite Mixtures of Normal Distribution Hypothesis 2003
Larsen, James Wright State University Essays on Real Estate Broker Incentives and Real Property Values 1987
Lavin, Angeline RBC Wealth Management An Empirical Test of the Fundamental Value Hypothesis in Asset Markets 1997
Lawrence, Edward Florida International University Four Empirical Essays on Asset Pricing Models 2005
Le, Nam Hoang University of Nebraska at Kearney Essays in Corporate Finance 2020
Li, Zhe Bemidji State University Essays in Corporate Finance 2016
Mann, Steven University of South Carolina Dividend Announcements under Asymmetric Information: An Empirical Study 1987
McClatchey, Christine University of Northern Colorado The Impact of Deposit Insurance on Risk-Taking Behavior: An Application to Credit Unions 1995
McNamara, Michael Washington State University An Empirical Examination of the Relative Efficiency of Mutual and Stock Life Insurance Companies 1988
Melton, Michael Roger Williams University Two Essays on Tournament Theory 1999
Mieth, Bruce Ameritas A Look at Beta, Size and Book-to-Market in the Cross-Section of Returns: The Development and Application of the Multifactor Switched Model 2000
Mishra, Suchismita Florida International University Skewness Preference and Measurement of Abnormal Returns: A Comparative Evaluation of Current vs. Proposed Event Study Paradigm 2002
Nguyen, Viet The University of District of Columbia Dissertation: The Economic Impact of Mutual Fund Investor Behaviors 2018
Nycum, Thomas     1985
Oorlog, Dale Deceased Risk-Adjusted Deposit Insurance Premiums at Optimal Audit 1991
Park, Sang-Bum   An Essay on Manager Compensation in Life Insurance Industry 1998
Payne, Brian University of Nebraska-Omaha Two Essays on Health Care Costs and Asset Returns 2010
Piccinini, Renaud First National Bank Estimating the Tail Index of Pareto-Levy distributions Using a Neural Network as a Committee Machine 2005
Rainville, Megan Missouri State University Essays in Corporate Finance 2020
Reem, Jong-Wook The Exchange rate Exposure of Banking Institutions 2004
Sackley, William University of North Carolina-Wilmington Size, Risk, and Returns in Commercial Banking 1990
Schieuer, Kevin Bellevue College Hedging Catastrophic Risks in the Property Insurance Industry 1998
Schwebach, Robert Colorado State University Three Essays on Investor Beliefs and Market Equilibrium 1992
Sen, Swapan Deceased Currency Denomination in International Loan Contracts of the Commercial Banks 1991
Severns, Roger Minnesota State University Preferences for Attributes of Life Insurance: A Conjoint Measurement Approach (Locus) 1986
Sigler, Kevin University of North Carolina-Wilmington Executive Compensation: Cost Control and Investment Incentives 1989
Simpson, Thuy Huong   Dissertation: Empirical Examination of Long-Run Insider Returns and insiders' Options Exercise Behavior 2013
Solberg, Donald Freddie Mac A Methodology for Identifying the Sources of Risk Premiums 1987
Swift, Christopher Nebraska Wesleyan Two Empirical Essays on Mutual Thrift Conversions 2010
Talib, Abdul Fuad   Captive Insurance Companies - A Delphic Study: A Long Range Forecast of Their Impact and Effect on the Domestic and International Conventional Insurance Market 1985
Tresl, Jiri University of Mannheim Dissertation Two Essays on Payout Policy 2013
Volkman, David University of Nebraska-Omaha The Impact of Advisory Incentive Fees on Return and Risk of Investment Companies 1992
Vygodina, Anna California State University-Sacramento Economic Determinants of Extreme Fluctuations in Exchange Rates 2005
Weber, Marsha Changes in Bank Risk From Deposit Insurance Premium Increases 1997
Went, Peter Columbia University - NYC Agency Problems and Risk in Banking 2001
Wilcox, Stephen Minnesota State University The Structure of Corporate Ownership: The Importance of Non-Owner Claims and the Value of Managerial Control 1992
Wilson, Michael Northwest Missouri State Changes in the Riskiness of Commercial Banks: 1975-1989 1992
Wingender, John Creighton University The Cost of Skewness in Portfolio Return Distributions  
Yook, Kenchang Johns Hopkins University Determinants of the Choice of Payment Method in Acquisitions 1989
Ysmailov, Bektemir Nazarbayev University Three Essays on Corporate Financial Policies 2020
Yu, Jin St. Cloud State University Share Repurchases and Earnings Management 2009
Zhang, Yi Prairie View A&M University Three Essays on Investor Heterogeneous Beliefs 2008
Zhao, Lei United International College (UIC) Three Essays on Asset Pricing 2018
Zhou, Haigang Cleveland State University Risk Incentives of Executive Stock Options: Evidence From Mergers and Acquisitions 2006