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Studies of Economic Competitiveness

Nebraska and its local economies compete with areas in surrounding states, the nation, and globally for industries and workers. The BBR is committed to studying factors that affect competitiveness including taxation, business conditions, labor force, and infrastructure. The Bureau also is currently developing indicators to compare competitiveness in Nebraska regions and peers in surrounding states.

Economic Modeling and Forecasting

One of the BBR’s primary functions is to provide outlooks for the Nebraska economy. Bureau faculty has substantial experience in developing outlook models for state, metropolitan area, and local economies. The Bureau also produces semi-annual outlooks for Nebraska employment, income, and state tax revenue by taking a leadership role in the Nebraska Business Forecasting Council.

Labor Market Analysis

The BBR studies key topic areas facing the Nebraska economy. Labor market analysis examines factors that influence earnings and effort of the workforce. Policy analysis studies the effectiveness and economic consequences of existing or proposed policies. Fiscal analysis considers the implication of particular policies and programs on government revenue.

Fiscal Analysis

Policy Analysis


Grad Student Co-Authors

Refereed Journal Publications

Recent Bureau Project Reports Developed with Graduate Students

Business in Nebraska

Existing Publications Developed with Graduate Students

Papers Under Submission Developed with Graduate Students

  • Property Values on the Plains: The Impact of Historic Preservation
    (E. Thompson with D. Rosenbaum and Ben Schmitz). Currently under review (submitted March 2009) at The Annals of Regional Science.

Working Papers Completed Developed with Graduate Students

  • State and Local Education Spending and Endogenous Economic Growth
    (E. Thompson with D. Rosenbaum, and V. Khanzhyn) (was under review at Economic Inquiry during 2008).
  • Student Loan Default among College Graduates: The Influence of Assets, Debt, and Ability to Pay.
    (E. Thompson with A. Perumal, W. Sattayanuwat, and J. Sainath) (was under review at Southern Economic Journal during 2008).
  • Student Loan Default Rates in Baccalaureate Granting Institutions
    (E. Thompson with T. Markwell). Currently under review at Economics of Education Review.
  • Property Values on the Plains: The Impact of Historic Preservation
    (E. Thompson with D. Rosenbaum and Ben Schmitz). Currently under review at The Annals of Regional Science.

Bureau Projects in Progress Developed with Graduate Students

  • The Return on Investment in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce
    Report for The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce


Date Organization Topic
12/15/2017 BBR Webinar Series Nebraska Business Forecast: 2018 and Beyond
11/17/2017 BBR Webinar Series Producer Services in Nebraska - Is the State Making Progress?
11/3/2017 BBR Webinar Series Changing Business Issues Over Six Years of Economic Recovery
6/9/2017 BBR Webinar Series Nebraska Economic Outlook
5/19/2017 BBR Webinar Series The Omaha Barometer
4/28/2017 BBR Webinar Series The Producer Services Industry
3/31/2017 BBR Webinar Series Highway Spending in Nebraska
2/17/2017 BBR Webinar Series The Economic Impact of the Nebraska Insurance Industry
1/25/2017 Nebraska Chapter of the Associated General Contractors Nebraska Economic Outlook
1/19/2017 Region 4 – National Credit Union Administration Outlook for the Upper Midwest Economy
12/9/2016 BBR Webinar Series Nebraska Economic Forecast /a>
11/18/2016 BBR Webinar Series State Entrepreneurship Index
10/28/2016 BBR Webinar Series Housing Affordability in Nebraska
9/30/2016 BBR Webinar Series Income Inequality in Nebraska
8/26/2016 BBR Webinar Series Manufacturing in Nebraska
6/14/2016 UNO Center for Economic Education Economic Forecast 2016-2018
5/20/2016 BBR Webinar Series 2016 Omaha Barometer
5/20/2016 Board of Directors of the Greater Omaha Chamber Economic Overview of Omaha and the 2016 Omaha Barometer
4/21/2016 BBR Webinar Series The Economic Impact of Nebraska Agricultural Cooperatives
3/15/2016 Eureka Conference Value-Added Economic Information and Community Economic Development
3/9/2016 Nebraska Cooperative Council The Economic Impact and Tax Revenue Impact of Nebraska Supply/Marketing and Regional Cooperatives
2/5/2016 BBR Webinar Series Consumer Confidence Index–Nebraska Explanation and January 2016 Results
1/7/2016 Fremont Corn Expo Expanding Livestock Production
12/10/2015 BBR Webinar Series An Economic Forecast for Nebraska
11/3/2015 Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Nebraska: A Sturdy Economic Expansion
10/16/2015 State of Nebraska The Skills Gap in Our Region
9/14/2015 Nebraska Realtors Housing Affordability
8/27/15 2015 SHRM Nebraska State Conference The Skills Gap in the Midwest
5/20/15 Union Bank and Trust Company Retirement Planning Forum 2015 Steady Growth in an Uncertain World
4/14/15 Nebraska Ethanol Board Economic Impacts of the Ethanol Industry in Nebraska
3/27/15 Center for Youth, Families and Schools Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Basics with an Example
3/9/15 NABE Economic Policy Conference State of the State's Nebraska
2/25/15 Greater Lincoln Workforce Investment Board Meeting Survey of Lincoln Area Business (and Comparison with Household Survey)
2/19/15 Nebraska Poultry Industries Convention The State and Regional Economic Impact of the Nebraska Poultry and Egg Industry
2/18/15 Paul A Olson Seminar in Great Plains Studies, Center for Great Plains Studies State Taxes in the Great Plains
2/4/15 Cooperatives for Tomorrow Seminar Expectations for Nebraska Agriculture
2/3/15 13th NIFA Housing Innovation Marketplace Conference Steady growth in an uncertain world: An Economic Forecast for Nebraska
12/3/14 Nebraska's Economic Outlook: A Business Summit Trends and Challenges Facing Nebraska Nebraska Economic Outlook and Issues
9/8/14 Nebraska REALTORS Association Economic Conditions for Real Estate in Nebraska
8/27/14 GSU Economic Forecast Center Quarterly Conference Growth and Wealth Creation in the Upper Midwest: Is it Sustainable?
7/30/14 Board of Directors of Cornerstone Bank The Outlook for Agriculture and Other Leading Indicators of the Nebraska Economy
2/26/14 Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Tax Modernization in Nebraska
2/19/14 Lincoln Chamber of Commerce The New Normal - An Economic Forecast for Nebraska (and Lincoln)
1/22/14 12th NIFA Housing Innovation Marketplace Conference The New Normal - An Economic Forecast for Nebraska
10/16/12 2012 Joint NCEA and Nebraska Extension Fall Conference Demographics and Their Implications for Nebraska by 2025
8/21/12 Board of Directors Nebraska Independent Community Bankers 2012 Economic Conditions in Nebraska: What do the Indicators Say?
3/9/10 Midlands Financial Professionals The Nebraska Economy Historical Perspective and Economic Outlook for 2010
3/1/10 Mayor's Committee for International Friendship (Lincoln) Presentation on Impact of Policy on Nebraska's Agricultural Economy
2/23/10 Western Regional Science Association Meetings Presentation on Smoke-Free Laws and Employee Wages
2/22/10 Western Regional Science Association Meetings Presentation on the Outlook for the Nebraska Economy