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Eric Thompson

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Eric Thompson

Karl H. Nelson Professor of Economics
Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992 B.A., Public Policy, University of Chicago, 1986

Dr. Eric C. Thompson is the Karl H. Nelson Associate Professor of Economics and the director of the Bureau of Business Research at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Thompson’s research examines the sources and consequences of state and local economic growth and the economics of infrastructure. Through his work at the Bureau, Thompson provides economists with practical opportunities to conduct applied economic research and trains economics and business students to conduct applied research on timely economic and business topics.
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Karl H. Nelson Professor of Economics

Selected Publications

David Rosenbaum

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David I. Rosenbaum

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin--Madison

David Rosenbaum is the associate director of the Bureau of Business Research and a professor of economics at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and bachelor’s in economics at the University of Maryland. His research has led to nearly 50 publications covering topics in industrial organization, labor economics, and forensic economics.

Rosenbaum has been involved in a number of funded projects, including a variety of cost-benefit analyzes, as well as evaluations of several policy programs. He is also the consulting economist to the Nebraska Public Service Commission, where he has testified several times on telecommunications-related matters.
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Working Papers

  • Saenz, M., Thompson, E. C., Gender and Policy Roles in Farm Household Diversification in Zambia.
  • Khanzhyn, V., Thompson, E. C., In search of the illusive growth hill.
  • Thompson, E. C., Konou, C., The Local Economic Impact of the Farm Boom: An Econometric Approach.
  • Anderson, J. E., Thompson, E. C., Tran, V., Agricultural Subsidies and Non-Farm Entrepreneurship Choice.
  • Bikienga, S., Rosenbaum, D. I., Thompson, E., Human Capital Premiums across US States - 1990-2013.
  • Thompson, E. C., Asarta Pedraza, C., Zhang, Z., LeMarie, F., The Role of Parental Experience in Entrepreneurship Choice among Adults.
  • Hartman, H. B., Fuess, S., M., McEntaffer, M. Thompson, E. C., Green Jobs for Displaced Workers?
  • Thompson, E. C., Fuess, S. M., McEntaffer, M., Hartman, H. B., To switch or not to switch: a study on the factors influencing industry switching during the Great Recession.