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Schuette Finds Future in Global E-Commerce

International Business Alum Shares Her Experience and Advice
Schuette Finds Future in Global E-Commerce
Meghan Schuette (center), '23, said one of her favorite memories at the College of Business was attending the Global Cafe and Connections event through the International Business Program. There she got the opportunity to try different foods from around the world provided by local restaurant entrepreneurs.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Meghan Schuette, '23, chose to attend the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to study international business and marketing. She also wanted to experience Husker spirit firsthand as a student and shares her experiences below.

Meghan Schuette
As a student, Meghan Schuette challenged herself to consider diverse perspectives consistently while an international business and marketing major.
What was it like being an international business major at Nebraska, and were you involved in any extracurricular activities?

As an international business major, I loved being challenged to consider diverse perspectives consistently and open myself up to new experiences and ideas. I did this through many involvements with the College of Business, such as the Nebraska Business Honors Academy and coaching for the Clifton Strengths Institute.

My classmates from the Nebraska Business Honors Academy had such unique backgrounds and life experiences, and I learned so much from them by listening to their stories and collaborating with them for four years. As a coach for the Clifton Strengths Institute, I loved discovering what made each student special and helping give them the perspective and knowledge to own those strengths as they entered college.

Speaking specifically about the International Business program, one of my favorite experiences was attending the Global Café and Connections event multiple times as a student. I always met new people, and the performances, food and discussions were the highlights of International Education Week.

As an international business major, you were required to study abroad. Where did you go and what were some of your memorable or enriching moments?

I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, for four months during the spring semester of my junior year. One of the most impactful parts of this experience was meeting people from around the world during my classes and while traveling. I made friends with people from Brazil, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, France and more, and I enjoyed hearing about their cultures firsthand. The faculty also had diverse backgrounds, so it was powerful to learn about their unique experiences with business on a global scale. I also appreciated having the opportunity to practice my Spanish every day, as there are fewer opportunities for me to speak Spanish regularly now.

Tell us more about any internships you had while at Nebraska.

In Lincoln, I worked as a marketplaces intern at Speedway Motors for about a year during my sophomore and junior years. In this role, I learned more about the global scope of e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and

This opportunity gave me applicable experience for my next internship — working as a sales analyst intern for Radio Flyer in Chicago. In this position, I managed operational reporting for Amazon, Target and Walmart. I also oversaw the online product pages for our toys on the Amazon US platform and our 10+ international Amazon accounts.

Where do you work now and how has your degree helped you prepare you for the role itself?

My internship led to a full-time position with Radio Flyer as a sales analyst, and I began this role in June 2023. I now manage our international sales accounts with Amazon and other international customers.

Studying international business prepared me for this role because it taught me the importance of a global mindset and introduced me to the uniqueness of different countries and cultures. Global customers and cultures have different needs for consumer products and business relationships, so my education readied me for this variety of expectations.

Do you have any exciting future plans?

Yes! I plan to keep growing and learning in my role at Radio Flyer, and I also continue to be an avid world traveler. I visited five new states and three new countries last year, and I already have a couple of trips abroad planned for this year that I’m super excited about! I’m especially looking forward to experiencing Iceland for the first time and hoping to see the Northern Lights in September.

Any advice you would give to students interested in international business?

As you progress through the International Business program, keep tabs on specific topics, industries, markets and experiences that interest and excite you. The international business major is great because there are so many avenues the degree can open for you, but the variety can also be overwhelming sometimes.

If you stay aware of which aspects of the major you connect with most, you can search for internships and full-time opportunities involving your favorite parts of your educational experience. For me, those areas were international marketing, global e-commerce sales and consumer goods, and I’m so glad I could continue exploring these niches through my current role.

Published: April 11, 2024