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Ostrander Prepares for Job Market with CBA Experiences

Senior Simon Ostrander combined several offerings at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration in order to have career options. From Hastings, Nebraska, Ostrander blended a major in agribusiness with a minor in marketing, a certificate in the Center for Sales Excellence and two internships to make himself a better candidate in the job market.
“The combination of my classes at CBA and my internship experiences provided me with a wide variety of knowledge that will be valuable for my future,” Ostrander explained. “Since I was very young, I have worked in agriculture, but I also enjoy talking with people so the marketing and sales aspects of business intrigue me as well.”
Simon Ostrander at Assurity Life Insurance
Simon Ostrander at Assurity Life Insurance
His first internship was agribusiness centered as a field scout with H&H Consulting, an agronomy consulting firm located in Juniata, Nebraska. He was able to gain hands-on experience as he shadowed an agronomist during the busy summer months of crop production.
“I would check corn and soybean fields for weeds, insects and irrigation scheduling,” he said. “I also reported my findings to the agronomist, and we would recommend a maintenance plan for the farmer to help with irrigating, and spraying for weeds and insects.”
For his second internship, Ostrander searched for a sales opportunity to complement his training in the sales center. He learned at his internship at Assurity Life Insurance the sales side of the insurance industry. He was familiar with Assurity and its product because they partner with the sales certificate program.
“The best part of my internship at Assurity was learning about the insurance industry while gaining a real-life experience,” he said. “Observing regional sales managers in action has helped me learn different sales techniques and ways to work with agents and brokers.”

Ostrander’s internships combined with a unique mix of coursework have prepared him for a variety of opportunities in the future. 
Published: September 22, 2015