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New HRM Certificate Program Accepting Applicants for 2020

New HRM Certificate Program Accepting Applicants for 2020
The human resource management certificate provides practical experience to create concrete outcomes in your career, with enrollment beginning November 1.
Although you might be a great leader of people in the workplace, it might not be enough to optimize performance and maintain business growth, according to Hillary Hotz, graduate programs recruitment coordinator at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business. Hotz recommends a new certificate program in human resource management (HRM) to challenge yourself and drive tangible results in the workplace.

“Regardless how much experience you have as a manager, without being well-versed in human resource management principles a lot of business operations just don’t function efficiently,” said Hotz. “Our new HRM certificate program at Nebraska Business lets you quickly learn skills related to talent, staffing, compensation, law and other issues relevant to managing people.”

Beginning in 2020, the program will accept three intakes of students per year starting respectively in the spring, summer and fall. The deadline for applying for the certificate to start in the spring is November 1. Hotz encourages interested managers and supervisors to apply.

“It’s a great value for Nebraskans and helps them not only build a better work environment, but provides skills that lead toward career advancement too. So often people feel weighted down by the bureaucracy of an organization that seems to prevent achievement. After earning a certificate you’ll be able to facilitate solutions to problems like personnel retention and project workflow that used to seem impossible,” she said.

The four courses needed to complete the HRM certificate program include strategic human resource management, compensation administration, talent acquisition & staff and employment law. The courses may be taken in any sequence.

“We hope people take a close look at our purposeful curriculum. Our instructors bring practical experience and a wealth of modern research along with engagement with local business to make sure our courses reflect what’s happening today. It can transform how you accomplish tasks by allowing you to use your creativity rather than giving up in frustration,” said Hotz.

MBA students wishing to pursue the certificate are also encouraged to apply. The total cost of earning a certificate is $7,560.

For more information visit, or Hotz at or 402-472-5321.
Published: August 8, 2019