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McDermott Stays Busy in Juris Doctor/MBA Program

McDermott Stays Busy in Juris Doctor/MBA Program
Because he would rather be busy than bored, Conor McDermott kept a hectic schedule the last years. A former Husker football player with a double major in finance and economics and a minor in history, he will earn his joint Juris Doctor/MBA from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in December.
While studying at the College of Law, McDermott created his own concentrated course of study called national and international business transactions. He is also working toward the more traditional concentration in tax law.
“I want to help people strategize and fix problems. Using both degrees, I will be able to connect with people and bridge the gap between law and business,” McDermott said. “Hopefully I can add a different perspective that is valuable. In business, it is valuable to minimize risk since it is impossible to allay all of it. Maybe I can add value by thinking about potential issues and planning for events.”
McDermott studying at CBA
McDermott studying at CBA
While dually enrolled, he worked as an investment research intern for RiskX Investments, a media intern for the World Series of Poker and a law clerk at the firm of Berkshire & Burmeister in Omaha.
He is also senior certified through the Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic directed by Brett Stohs, assistant clinical professor of law. McDermott works as a transactional attorney for startups.
“It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to blend the real world into a learning environment,” he said. “Working and taking multiple eight-week courses, I knew life would be hectic. The MBA program adds a different component to the traditional law path. UNL has become home and no other university could have provided the wealth of experiences and opportunities.”

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Published: December 7, 2016