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March 28, 2012

MBA Student Lindsey Eastwood Walks for Life with Her Mom and Fellow Students

Students at the UNL College of Business Administration regularly participate in community service work. For Lindsey Eastwood, vice president of the UNL MBA Student Association, the service work she performs each year for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is a labor of love that goes beyond a single good deed.

“I was four when my mom was diagnosed with cancer,” Eastwood said, “so it’s been almost 20 years since this touched my life.”

Eastwood’s mother, Rosemary Eastwood, is a cancer survivor who joins her daughter each year to participate in the annual Relay for Life event.

 The UNL Relay for Life takes place Saturday, March 31 from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the following morning. Each student group that participates solicits donations before the event and then sets up camp for the night in the UNL Cook Pavilion. At least one team member continues to walk for the entire twelve hour event.

“Groups set up their camp sites in the middle of the track,” Eastwood explained, “and it’s great because people bring flat screen televisions, games, home work – it’s just a cool place to hang out for the night while participating in a great cause.”

UNL students take ownership of the event and Eastwood has been at the forefront of that leadership during her academic career at Nebraska.

"This event is run entirely by students," said Kerri Hiatt, UNL distance MBA program coordinator. "Not only has Lindsey has been very active with UNL's Relay for Life, she even chaired the event as an undergrad student. It is inspiring to see Lindsey and the MBA students take part in such a worthwhile cause."

When Eastwood moved on to graduate studies she was determined to bring awareness to her fellow MBA students.

“I was elected vice president of the MBA student association a year ago. I eventually sent out emails about participating in the Relay for Life and the personal connection it has with my mom. It was wonderful to see my MBA friends get on board and support this effort.”

At the beginning of the school year Eastwood’s classmates sold MBA apparel and part of those proceeds will go toward the team’s contributions to the Relay for Life event.

“We have already reached our goal of $500 and that just includes the money from students and their families,” Eastwood said. Eastwood now plans on raising the goal to inspire more people to donate.

Many other CBA students and organizations such as the Actuarial Science Club and Students in Free Enterprise will also participate in the UNL Relay for Life. Eastwood encourages as many students as possible to get involved and support the fundraising efforts to find cures for cancer.

“It’s one of my favorite student experiences,” she said, “and it’s a cause that will always be close to my heart.”