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Junior Agribusiness Student Awarded Scholarship

Junior Agribusiness Student Awarded Scholarship
Though Wilson Hupp did not live on a farm, he grew up in O’Neill, Nebraska and worked on a ranch. This spurred his desire to pursue a degree in agribusiness at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration to gain the business skills necessary for a successful career in the large industry of agriculture.
Awarded the Farm Credit Services of America Scholarship as a junior, he credits his Professional Enhancement II Career Development & Planning (BSAD 222) course for helping him perfect his résumé to apply for the scholarship. A competitive award, juniors or seniors from Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota or Wyoming who focus on agribusiness or economics apply annually.
“The scholarship has gotten me one step closer to my career goals,” Hupp said. “I wouldn’t have had this opportunity without all the skills I’ve gotten through my classes in CBA.”
This scholarship will help cover the cost of his undergraduate degree while he starts saving for his future. Hupp hopes to attend law school after graduation, then return to his hometown to work as an attorney.
The CBA agribusiness program expanded his horizons by allowing him to take courses in marketing, economics, accounting and business law, rather than focusing solely on agriculture. With new knowledge on these subjects, he will be better prepared not only to understand how the agricultural industry in his hometown works, but also how he can help improve it.
“My time in CBA has provided invaluable experience that will help me succeed in the future, Hupp said. “I have been able to perfect my résumé, learn about business etiquette and other important aspects of modern business. With my degree, I will be prepared to pursue the career of my dreams.”

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Published: January 11, 2017