October 27, 2010

Jeff Watton on the Fast Track at the UNL College of Business

Jeff Watton is on the fast track here at the UNL College of Business in more than one way. Academically Watton scored in the 95th percentile while taking the Major Field Test which measures whether MBA students have the required knowledge necessary for their degree.

“We take it at the end of the MBA program here at UNL,” said Watton. “It covers finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and management. I scored a 290 out of 300 and they publish the results up to the 95th percentile. I’m kind of a unique student in the MBA program in that I did a year and then I started into a Ph.D in Finance. So during my second year of graduate school I was working on both my MBA and my Finance classes.”

After getting his MBA degree this past summer Watton now teaches the Finance 361 course which is exactly what he would like to continue doing after graduation.

“I’d like to be able to do research and teach and be a professor at a research oriented university. My undergraduate degree was in civil engineering so I had a very quantitative background. But my interest wasn’t really sparked by engineering even though I had that kind of skill set, so I looked somewhere outside of engineering to apply those skills. The upper level portions of Finance are very quantitative so it seemed like a good fit for me.”

Watton has excelled quickly in his academic pursuits here at the College of Business and he also has been moving right along with his personal life too.

“I just got engaged recently and met my fiance here in the MBA program.”

Not every student at the College of Business is going to progress with things as quickly as Watton but it’s nice to know that if you put your mind to it there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.