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Jeff Johnson Receives Presidential Graduate Fellowship

Jeff Johnson, a marketing Ph.D. candidate at the UNL College of Business Administration, has received the 2012-2013 Presidential Graduate Fellowship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The fellowship includes a stipend that will allow Johnson to pursue research projects full-time during the current school year.

Johnson, who also received his undergraduate and MBA degrees from UNL, is planning on completing his dissertation this year while engaging in a variety of research related to his interests.

“It’s very exciting because the grant allows me the freedom to focus on my research,” Johnson said. “I can really lay the foundation for my research, because I have about ten projects that I’m in various stages. This is the perfect year for getting the support from the fellowship.”

Johnson’s primary research stream is related to strategies in both sales and business to business marketing. His dissertation focuses on business strategies by the sales person.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

“I’m looking at how the sales person acts, how different behaviors facilitate the implementation of new strategies and what produces those behaviors. My dissertation takes a different approach in terms of how I’m predicting behaviors and analyzing them.”

Johnson is advised by Dr. Ravi Sohi, associate dean of graduate programs and research at the College of Business Administration. He is excited to see the results of Johnson’s research pursuits over the next year.

"I am very pleased that Jeff has been awarded the Presidential Fellowship,” Sohi said, “Jeff is a great researcher, an excellent teacher and a wonderful colleague. I see him making a contribution to the academic world in years to come."

“I want to stay in the academics side of things,” Johnson said. “I worked at the Union Pacific for several years after I got my MBA and that was great, but I love research and I love teaching, so an academic position would be the perfect fit for me.”

Johnson is originally from Lincoln, Neb., and plans to graduate in the spring of 2013.
Published: September 24, 2012