November 10, 2010

Finance Major Shuang Liu Chooses Challenging Path to Academic Success

“On this internship I got to learn everything.” said Liu, who previously worked in her home country at the Bank of China. “I became a staff member in their operations department. I was a loan processor. I would record the payments on the loans and also do some of the appraisals. It was a lot of different things. I worked on appraisals including fraud insurance and I did a lot of reports for the Vice President.”

Liu believes it’s important for students to take advantage of the internships available to students through the College.

“You have to do everything you can and then you’ll get more opportunities. The Nebraska Bank of Commerce is a member of the chamber of commerce and so I had network opportunities to meet many business people. I didn’t expect that. But there are many chances you can get to prove yourself and get things accomplished.”

UNL was the first U.S. school to offer Liu a scholarship and so she accepted it. She believes UNL offers many advantages for foreign students including the location.

“Some people have asked me why I came here to the Midwest. It has its advantages. There are not too many distractions from your studies here. If I have too much going on it might distract me from the focus on school.”

Liu hasn’t decided yet what she will do after graduation but she does believe her internship experience has already been a big help.

“I do think this experience on the internship will make it easier to get a job somewhere else. Sometimes students get bored because at first they have to do work like copy or scan. It’s very normal because you are a new person. You don’t have much previous experience so you cannot complain. If you want to learn something you have to pay the price and sometimes do the job that others don’t want to do.”

Liu has been doing what she needs to do to graduate this December from UNL. With the help of her experience that she received on her internship she believes the right job will be waiting for her then.