September 16, 2014

CBA Students Score High Marks on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration provides opportunities for students to start something in the business world. Kyle Kaluza, a senior economics and finance major from Omaha, Nebraska, took the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) to give him an upper hand in the job market.
The BAT helps students and recent graduates connect with financial employers worldwide. The test was developed in partnership with premier financial institutions and university faculties. It also helps students uncover their strengths across a range of finance, business, career and personal competencies as they strive for a career in business and finance. Students can also enter their scores and résumés into the BAT Talent Search, a tool used by employers to identify candidates for entry-level roles in business. 
Kaluza, who interned with Koch Industries over the summer as a credit analyst, believe the BAT can really help. He took it last year at the urging of Jiri Tresl, finance lecturer, to see where he would stack up against the competition. He scored in the top 98 percentile.
“With my background in economics and finance, the courses I took in CBA helped me prepare for this test,” Kaluza said. “I didn’t study for the test because I didn’t know what to expect but having case studies in most of my courses enabled me to be able to do a quick analysis based on case history and data. Taking this test will only benefit me in the long run.”
The BAT will be offered on Friday, September 19 from 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. in CBA 14. The two-hour exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions in eight categories. The test is free and is ideal for all business majors.

Students must register at: You can also take the BAT anytime online for a fee.