May 3, 2014

CBA Senior Eric Reznicek Represents Students on the Nebraska Board of Regents

Senior Eric Reznicek has accomplished a lot during his time at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration, including two internships at State Farm Insurance, assisting with research projects in the marketing department and being in the UNL Honors Program. However, earlier this year he was honored to have the UNL student body elect him as their representative to serve on the Nebraska Board of Regents.

It was a grueling process, but Reznicek believes it is important to make a difference when you can.

“I campaigned for 12 weeks under the UNL Engage Party,” said Reznicek, a senior marketing and finance student from Omaha, Neb. “That was a tough process, because I was also taking classes and working in the marketing department as a student worker. We ended up winning, and I became student body president, which is how I got on the Nebraska Board of Regents.”

Serving as a regent was a big learning curve, particularly when he was thrust into a controversial issue surrounding the fate of the University Health Center.

“It was a big vote for my first meeting. I had to absorb a 120-page contract and a 40-page supplement. I only had a couple weeks to do it compared to the other regents who had been looking at it for six months.”

Even though student regent votes don’t count in the final tally, he quickly realized student ideas are valued by the voting regents.

“The student regents get to talk and vote first, so the other regents definitely listen to us and take our opinions into consideration.”

He also believes serving as a regent helps him as a business student.

Eric Reznicek

Eric Reznicek Addresses the Board of Regents

“There’s a business component to the board as well. We walk through all the campus budgets, approve raises and review hiring and firing processes for university employees. All that is beneficial for my future job opportunities,” he said.

Although Reznicek does not see himself following a political career, he is glad to be providing a public service at Nebraska.

“I saw a chance to make a difference here on campus now. The University Health Center is one important issue, but there are new things every month. As a student regent, I also get to present Kudos awards to University of Nebraska employees, which are given for distinguished service to the best employees in the system.”

He encourages prospective and current students to seize every opportunity they get while in college. His internship at State Farm Insurance is a case in point.

“Nebraska was the only choice for me. If you told me I’d be working in the insurance industry three years ago, I would have said, ‘Not a chance,’ but I attended the Career Fair my sophomore year and found having a business degree can take you anywhere,” he said.