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February 7, 2012

Career Services for Business Students

The College of Business Administration is expanding value to students beyond the superior education they receive in the classroom. The new CBA Career Services office provides students a unique professional development center that specifically tailors career advice, resume writing, interviewing skills and other job related information to business students.

Dr. Donde Plowman, James Jr. and Susan Stuart Endowed Dean, sees the new office and its career coaches Jeannine Berge and Rachel Larson, as an integral step toward fulfilling the CBA mission of shaping the next generation of business leaders for Nebraska and the world.

“This is a first for our college and a huge step forward in helping our students and helping the employers of Nebraska,” Plowman said.

The integration of career coaches at CBA means that each student’s career track will be monitored and structured from their freshmen to senior years. Berge and Larson both joined the college last fall to help spearhead the new efforts. They both believe students will have a greater opportunity to develop the skills they need in college to pursue the career of their dreams.

“With our new office at CBA, it’s a very easy way for students to come in and get answers to their career questions,” Berge said. “We are developing a professional enhancement curriculum that will let students improve their professional development skills so that it becomes a pervasive part of our culture here.”

Berge believes the Career Services at CBA office is important for students so that they understand there is a support system in place.

“Our services can provide business expertise and also gives students a sounding board so they know that they aren’t in this alone,” Berge said.

Larson emphasized that students will have ownership of their career decisions when they visit the new office.

“Students can expect a very student-driven appointment,” Larson said. “When they meet with us, we’ll mainly be asking questions with our expertise to help them come up with the solution. A lot of students expect to be told what to do, but we want to ask questions and provide resources and strategies that help them analyze their own needs.”

The office also helps undergraduate and graduate students match majors, minors and areas of concentration with careers of interest.

One other unique aspect of the office is the new “Don’t Cancel Class” service.

“Through the “Don’t Cancel Class” program, either Jeannine or Rachel will offer a career planning workshop during a class period if faculty have to unexpectedly miss a class,” Plowman said.

The Career Services at CBA office is located in CBA 138/139 alongside the Graduate Programs office. Students can stop in and talk with a career coach during normal business hours and will soon be able to make appointments through their Blackboard accounts.