May 6, 2015

Big Red Investment Club Offers Members Access to Real Finance Success

Working with real money and real investments to achieve real success is what makes the Big Red Investment Club (BRIC) student organization at the UNL College of Business Administration unique for its members. The group meets weekly to discuss business and financial news and manage an investment fund that has grown to $250,000.
“It is definitely real money,” said Dr. Glenn Williams, assistant professor of practice in finance and BRIC faculty advisor. “Students research how to invest the funds and present their supporting cases for the investments.” 
The group currently includes about 50 students who are mostly finance and accounting majors, although membership is open to all University of Nebraska–Lincoln students.
BRIC students

BRIC students at G.A.M.E. Forum

Membership in BRIC also offers the opportunity to meet with leading Wall Street investment bankers to discuss career opportunities and the high level business of finance.
“Each year we take the officers and top individual performers to The Global Asset Management (G.A.M.E.) Forum in New York,” said Williams. 
The G.A.M.E. Forum offers three days of seminars on the finance industry and provides opportunities to meet with representatives of leading investment firms. This year’s participants included BlackRock and Citibank.
“In these sessions, discussions focus on how to build your career. Industry leaders offer advice on how to interview and prepare for the future,” he said. “The investment bankers also talk about what they do in their careers.”
Williams invites students to contact him for details on membership in Big Red Investment Club.
“We want to have more people involved,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to learn about investing and the real successes finance can offer.”