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Agrawals Reunited in Nebraska

The journey from Pune, India to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln became a family affair for senior actuarial science major Aakriti Agrawal. Her parents, Arvind and Sushma, moved to Lincoln in the fall of 2013, so her dad could pursue a doctorate in marketing at CBA.

“Our family has been scattered across the globe for many years. When my parents moved to Nebraska, it was the first time we were all on the same side of the planet,” Agrawal said. Her brother, Akshay, lives in Plano, Texas.

Agrawals are all in the family
Aakriti’s process for selecting an actuarial science program was detailed since she was doing it from India. She started by researching all the schools listed as Centers of Actuarial Excellence and applied to several schools in the U.S. and U.K.

“The UNL program interested me because it was very strong with wellknown faculty and just the right number of students to balance the classroom with collaboration,” she explained. “I eventually chose Nebraska because of the faculty and how they interacted with my family and me throughout the process. I knew if they cared about me while I was making my decision, they would care about me as a student.”

Making the most of her CBA experience, she found being involved with student organizations and activities is a great way to meet people and feel like a part of a community. While at UNL, she competed in the Ethics Bowl, served as a cultural ambassador and was a New Student Enrollment orientation leader. She also had the privilege of mentoring DREAM BIG Academy students last summer, which she said changed her life.

“I realized I could make a difference at the university through my involvement,” she said. “That is what made DREAM BIG a special experience. Along with nine other mentors, I was able to make an impact and guide these students through the collegiate experience. It was amazing to watch them grow and be a part of it.”
Published: December 31, 2015