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May 15, 2019

Why We Give Back: Stacy and Hubert Ban

Why We Give Back: Stacy and Hubert Ban
Hubert and Stacy Ban give back because they believe the University of Nebraska and the School of Accountancy helped get them where they are today.
I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and went to Omaha Westside High School. I chose to go to college at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln because of its recognized business school.
Nebraska prepared me for my accounting career. It provided the education and confidence to go forward in public accounting at Deloitte, KMPG, Greyhound and now Salesforce.com, headquartered in San Francisco. As I look back, the professors and the teaching assistants we had did a great job in helping me understand how to problem solve.
We give back because we would not be where we are in our lives without the University of Nebraska and the School of Accountancy. My Nebraska experiences provided me the springboard to achieve certain career goals and financially to give back to the school. MPA TAs perform an integral role and they help students connect to the program.
Having become much more involved with the School of Accountancy now, I see how Dr. Aaron Crabtree and his team of professors, advisors and teaching assistants are continuously improving these fantastic accounting programs. The MPA TAs help lead case study discussions, learn the topic in depth and also assist with data collection for research. In doing these things, they provide impactful and useful experiences that can be taken directly to the working world.
We give back to assure students get a real-world, meaningful experience through case studies and assistance from MPA TAs.