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Message From the Dean  

November 9, 2018
Message From the Dean  
Building a college is a process achieved through the tireless work of many people. We see tangible results in our student job placement numbers, our alumni starting new businesses, faculty-driven research placed in top academic journals and engagement from more than 200 advisory board members working to strengthen and better many areas in our college. Underlying these outcomes, we sought to build a solid foundation based on sound strategic planning.

When I became dean last December, one of my first initiatives looked to re-envision our strategic plan to raise Nebraska Business to the stature of a premier business college and complement our new Howard L. Hawks Hall. Last spring, faculty, staff, students, alumni, business partners and university representatives began a strategic planning process with a two-day workshop. We reviewed trends in higher education, conducted stakeholder analysis and held rigorous debate on how to achieve our next level of excellence. We wanted to be comprehensive and we needed to do so quickly.

By the end of the spring semester, six working groups reviewed our positioning of people, programs, external relations, research and scholarship, internal operations and mission, vision and values. Our aspirations always focused on emerging as a premier public business college, while remaining true to the university core mission as a land grant institution.

I’m proud of the work we accomplished building this new strategic plan. Our new mission and guiding principles, along with the integration of mission-focused goals and goals to enable success, allow every one of us to share in the distinct master plan created to advance Nebraska Business.

A few highlights under our goals included: 1. Research + Discovery: Foster a dynamic, strengths-based community that nurtures engagement and inspires development; 2. Learning + Transformation: Provide transformational learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom; and 3. Connection + Engagement: Annually engage and involve all living alumni of Nebraska Business in a meaningful way.

All of you – our alumni and friends – are a part of our Nebraska Business community and a key factor in our success. Together, we will achieve our goals. Together, we will be successful.

And, together we will build a premier business college.

We are Nebraska Business. 
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