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Why We Give: The Dudneys

Why We Give: The Dudneys
By Dr. Donna Dudney, '91 and '97

The College of Business played a huge role in my life. I earned a degree from the college and I’ve been fortunate to work here for over 20 years. I see first-hand all of the ways the college positively impacts the lives of our students. My husband, Doug, and I also see the college’s financial needs and we want to do what we can to create transformational educational experiences for students.

Many years ago, Dr. Gordon Karels, who was then the chair of the Department of Finance, challenged each finance faculty member to give back. He said we shouldn’t expect those outside of the college to financially support us if we are not willing to demonstrate our commitment by also providing support. That’s when Doug and I started giving, and we’ve continued to give every year.

As associate dean, I know how helpful it can be to receive unrestricted donations that can be used to fund new ideas. For that reason, we usually give money to the Start Something N Fund so our gift can be used wherever it is most needed. Occasionally, however, we’ve given to special projects like the Career Closet, which provides free interview clothing to students.

My background is in finance, so I tend to look at charitable giving as an investment. I want to be sure I am giving to entities that will use my money wisely and will generate a big impact per dollar invested. In its new strategic plan, the college focused its efforts on research excellence; creating distinctive, personalized and transformative educational experiences; and connecting and engaging with our stakeholders. This mission resonates with me and I’m convinced the College of Business is a great investment!
Published: November 10, 2019