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January 12, 2016

UNL MBA Internships are Right Fit for International Students

Enrique Caño Ruiz had been searching for a way to broaden his undergraduate degree in marketing and business management he earned in Madrid when he decided an international MBA experience was the answer. For Caño Ruiz, who was living in Spain, Nebraska was the perfect fit. The MBA program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln provided everything he was looking for, from broadening his experience through an affordable program to the opportunity to secure an internship where he could hone his skills.
“I didn’t have much business experience in my country due to low employment rates in recent years,” Caño Ruiz said. “In Spain, it’s not as common for students to work while they’re in school. Getting an internship in the U.S. was a tremendous opportunity for me. It allowed me to gain real business experience with an international company.”
His internship opportunity came with Sandhills Publishing, where he learned business skills while enhancing his résumé.
Caño Ruiz enjoys travel as part of internship
Caño Ruiz enjoys travel as part of internship
“As a sales intern, my first experience was working in the marketing department where I was introduced to the company’s products and services. I also was able to go on a few trips where I had a close-up look at the firm’s distribution setup. It was great to get in touch with people in the industry to help me learn information I’d later use in sales.”
Caño Ruiz spent time traveling to both Mexico and North Dakota to get a broader perspective before being transferred to the sales department. The sales experience showed Ruiz each day would bring unique challenges.
“The sales department let me apply everything I had learned. I'd never worked in sales, so the internship showed me how to approach a customer, how to present product advantages and how to understand customer needs. It gave me the opportunity to learn a whole new industry, and personally helped me build confidence to where I feel I'm better prepared to face challenges than when I left Spain,” he said.
Caño Ruiz sees Nebraska as a perfect landing spot for other international students wanting to combine their educational and work experiences.
“Lincoln is a very comfortable place to live and gave me an authentic American experience. When you combine that with an internship it helps you see the big picture of what it takes to succeed in a business. Living abroad gave me additional challenges, but ultimately helped me achieve my educational goals and grow professionally.”