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Student Strengths Coaches Selected

Student Strengths Coaches Selected
Forty-seven students have been selected to become new strengths coaches for the 2019-20 academic year.
The Clifton Strengths Institute at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business selected 47 students to serve as new strengths coaches for the 2019-20 school year. The new coaches will join returning coaches to mentor more than 750 first-year business students in Professional Enhancement I: Investing in Strengths (BSAD 111).
Required for all first-year business students, the course aims to help students develop and apply their strengths to achieve individualized academic, personal and professional success using the CliftonStrengths® Assessment. During the course, coaches lead team meetings of up to 10 students once a week and facilitate two one-on-one strengths coaching sessions for each team member to help them recognize and maximize their potential. They also help facilitate discussions during class.
"Starting their college career by identifying their natural talents, our students learn how to identify classes and build careers that allow them to do what they do best while developing meaningful relationships that go beyond college," said Dr. Mike McDonald, senior workplace consultant and performance lead for Gallup and instructor of Investing in Strengths. "The individualized coaching helps them apply their strengths toward their goals and ultimately build a better life."
Representing diverse majors and career pursuits, prospective coaches complete an application and interview process. Once selected, they enroll in the Strengths Coaching, Theory and Practice Training Course (MNGT 451), a three-credit-hour course focused on gaining functional knowledge in strengths-based development.
"This course allows strengths coaches to develop their talents and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be prepared when coaching their students in the fall to build lives of meaning, purpose and impact," said Samantha Kennelly, Clifton Strengths Institute assistant director.
Forty of the student coaches attend the College of Business. They also originate from six states and two countries.
"We select students who have the passion and energy to positively impact the lives of others and the innate talent to easily connect and communicate with people to help guide their development," Kennelly said. "First-year students thrive when our coaches recognize their unique potential and guide them to succeed by leading with their strengths."
To learn more about strengths coaches and the Clifton Strengths Institute, visit:
The new strengths coaches for the 2019-20 school year, with their year in school in the spring 2019 semester and academic major(s), are:
Arlington: Devon Gottsch, junior human resource management and communication studies
Bellevue: Adrianna Mcking, freshman marketing and pre-law; Nate Peterson, sophomore actuarial science; Lindsay Van Ryckeghem, sophomore economics and management
Blair: Carli Pfeil, freshman business administration and finance
Brainard: Isaac Archuleta, sophomore business administration
Columbus: Isabelle Stewart, sophomore agricultural education
Dakota City: Christian Krogh, freshman marketing
Elkhorn: Brittany Oligmueller, sophomore finance and clifton builders management
Hastings: Mary O'Keeffe, sophomore finance and clifton builders management
Hickman: Shaun Edgecombe, freshman marketing; Chloe Wegner, freshman marketing
Juniata: Monica Wahlmeier, freshman business administration and pre-occupational therapy
Nebraska City:Chloe Higgins, freshman economics
Norfolk: Ethan Carlson, freshman economics and management
Omaha: Kyleigh Gall, sophomore marketing; Tom Hermanek, freshman business administration; Ellie Hellman, freshman management; Gabriella Hogan, freshman political science and pre-law; Madeleine Jacobitz, junior finance; Mikey Langford, freshman marketing; Hilary Simpson, freshman business administration;
Papillion: Jacqueline  Alexander, freshman business administration
Lincoln: Devan Buescher, freshman accounting and management; Peyton Edwards, freshman marketing; Derek Guyton, freshman business administration; Sophie Knoblauch, junior biochemistry; Sydney Long, sophomore marketing and hospitality, restaurant and tourism management; Lauren Mosser, sophomore marketing and clifton builders management; Edgar Montoya, sophomore management; Brianna Oehm, sophomore business administration; Jessica Olson, freshman accounting; Nathan Netz, freshman finance and marketing; Colby Reffert, junior management; Addison Sellon, junior psychology; Madison Sirois, freshman management; Regan Wesley, junior psychology
Seward: Morgan Baack, sophomore accounting and finance; Erich Stillahn, freshman business administration
Stapleton: Kaylee Burnside, freshman business administration
Whitman: Liddy Vinton, freshman agricultural education and cooperative education
Carbon, Indiana: Kennedy Johnston, freshman actuarial science
Gregory, Michigan: Jordan Seitz, freshman supply chain management
LeMars, Iowa: Carlyn Bretey, freshman international business and Spanish
Grafton, Wisconsin: Katie Lamb, freshman management
Rapid City, South Dakota: Grace Partridge, sophomore economics and political science
Bandung, Indonesia: Keisha Widjaja, freshman actuarial science
Published: January 24, 2019