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Six MABA and MBA Students Attend YP Summit

Six MABA and MBA Students Attend YP Summit
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln sent six students from the MBA and master of arts in business administration (MABA) programs to Omaha, Nebraska, for the 2018 Young Professionals Summit. The annual event strives to cultivate professional, personal and community growth while exposing promising young professionals to potential career avenues.
“The YP Summit was a fabulous opportunity for our master’s students to network with industry professionals, attend valuable breakout sessions and hear from two excellent keynote speakers,” said Lauren Stehlik, graduate programs advisor and engagement coordinator at the College of Business. “Many of the professionals in attendance had strong connections to the Omaha and Lincoln areas, which gave students a chance to meet young professionals at companies they could work for after graduation.”
As one of the event’s sponsors, the college received tickets for students and staff. Students interested in networking in the Omaha area were selected. Kerri Hiatt, associate director of graduate programs and senior MBA advisor; Dawn Bodine, graduate programs advisor and engagement coordinator; and Stehlik attended the summit with the students.
“The most valuable session for me was on negotiation because being someone coming out of a master's program, it's important to know how to connect with potential employers,” said MABA student Morgan Mattly, who is from Omaha. “We learned that 85 percent of companies expect people to negotiate, but only 30 percent of people do. Knowing it's expected and that you have more leeway for negotiation is reassuring that I can be more confident when I have those conversations.”
The event featured two national keynote speakers. Julissa Arce, an immigrant rights advocate and former Wall Street executive, shared her experiences breaking through ceilings in a cutthroat male-dominated field as an undocumented American from Mexico. John Henry, an entrepreneur from Harlem, New York, told how he struggled to make ends meet early in his career, even though he put everything he had into his new venture capitalist company. He spoke to the group about staying persistent while continuously learning through failures.
“The way you do anything is the way you do everything,” he said. “Especially when it comes down to running a successful business.”
Graduate students who attended the event included:
  • Ellen Brown from Vermillion, South Dakota (MBA)
  • Annalee Hedderman from Naperville, Illinois (MABA)
  • Steve Kucirek from Omaha, Nebraska (MBA)
  • Brooke Lambert from Omaha, Nebraska (MBA)
  • Morgan Mattly from Omaha, Nebraska (MABA)
  • John Szalewski from Omaha, Nebraska (MBA)
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Published: March 27, 2018