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Myers Earns Scholarship from Oxford Experience

Myers Earns Scholarship from Oxford Experience
Justin Myers’ experiences in the Nebraska at Oxford program brought broader global perspectives, and earned him a scholarship.
As a self-proclaimed Anglophile, Justin Myers chose to participate in the Nebraska at Oxford Program, the most popular study abroad program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. His desire to learn more about economics during Brexit paid off when he earned a scholarship for his academic achievements in the program coordinated by the College of Business.

“I'm a history nerd and a British nerd. I love economics classes. I had some friends who went before who said this is a great program, and I should give it a shot. So it wasn’t just one thing that brought me to Oxford, it was all of those things,” said Myers, a junior economics major from Omaha, Nebraska.

Cancelled flights left Myers scrambling before the program started, causing him to rush through airports trying to get to Jesus College at Oxford University, where the program takes place. His late arrival on the first day of the program had him escorted into class by Emily Ciavarella, a director for the program.

“I was determined to get there at 6 a.m. and make it to Oxford in time for the first class. Then my plane had mechanical issues and it was a nightmare. I arrived at around 10:30 a.m. that Monday morning. Emily just marched me in the middle of class and everyone looked as if I'd been out late the night before,” he explained, laughing over the thought.

Coming into the program looking to learn more about economics on a global level, Myers’ expectations were topped by the teachings of Jesus College faculty members Dr. Martin Holmes and Dr. Nicholas Horsewood.

“I did not expect to enjoy the classes as much as I did. To have one of the best parts of my day be listening to Dr. Horsewood lecture for 30 minutes surprised me. Both he and Dr. Holmes were great teachers,and are funny, interesting people who really cared about us,” he said.

Myers resonating with the faculty at Jesus College was no surprise to Ciavarella, whose time with the program marked 12 years this past summer. She noted the benefits of Nebraska students working and learning alongside accomplished international professors.

Oxford High Tea brings together Nebraska at Oxford students, new and old, to talk about the program and their experiences.
Oxford High Tea brings together Nebraska at Oxford students, new and old, to talk about the program and their experiences.
“The professors, Dr. Holmes and Dr. Horsewood, are heavily involved, not just in teaching at Oxford, but also with advising the U.K. government on best practice for economics. So students get to hear a lot of experience, not just of academic opinions, but also real life experience. That’s a huge benefit for our Nebraskan students to hear a different perspective,” she explained.

For his high academic achievements during the program, Myers received the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, which gave him a $1,000 scholarship. Looking back on his global experience, Myers encourages his peers to take a chance and explore the world.

“Getting the opportunity to go somewhere else and broaden your cultural horizons is great for you to understand a different way people are or to learn in a different educational system,” he said.

Three other Nebraska at Oxford participants received the Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement and a scholarship of $500:
  • Omar Elkhader, senior mechanical engineering major from Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Jack Lyons, junior business administration major from Elkhorn, Nebraska
  • Addie Schneider, junior English major from Raymond, Nebraska
Published: October 17, 2019