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Logans Connects Through Business Honors Academy

First-Year Honors Student Trip to Kansas City Gives Insight into Business World
Logans Connects Through Business Honors Academy
Q Logans took full advantage of a trip to Kansas City, networking and learning more about business.
As a freshman, Q Logans could not wait to delve into the world of business at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and establish networks. She found many ways to connect with peers and professionals in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy at the College of Business. 

“Business has been a passion of mine for four years and I wanted to get as deeply involved in it as I possibly could. The academy offered invaluable networking and development opportunities I would be unable to find anywhere else. The cohort structure was also appealing in the sense that I could develop deep friendships with the other amazing students taking classes with me,” said Logans, a business administration major from Bellevue, Nebraska.

As part of the academy, Logans traveled with the 44 other business students in her cohort to Kansas City, Missouri, to visit employers, expand their network and learn more about different avenues of business. Logans' fascination with business analytics drew her interest in C2FO, a financial technology company.

Logans listens intently to Josh Brewster while on a site visit at Trozzolo, an advertising agency.
Logans listens intently to Josh Brewster while on a site visit at Trozzolo, an advertising agency.
“The details and inner workings of C2FO fascinated me. In high school, I was CEO of a virtual startup company and I absolutely thrived in the startup environment. With C2FO still having the drive and culture of a startup, I felt at home. Their company dealt a lot with numbers, data and calculations, which are my favorite parts of business. I love researching data, analyzing data and creating reports based off what I find, and C2FO seemed like the perfect place where I could excel in doing that,” she said.

Dr. Becka Neary-DeLaPorte, assistant director of the Nebraska Business Honors Academy, hopes all academy students resonate on these trips the way Logans did with C2FO. She sees the annual trip as an opportunity for first-year students to explore the breadth of business and expand their network.

“We challenge our students to think broadly about what their interests, passions and career goals are by learning from each and every organization we visit,” she said. “Q demonstrated a professional poise when working with high-level business leaders, was attentive, curious and well prepared.”

Logans returned from Kansas City with not only a wider network and internship possibilities, but also a reassuring perspective on the paths she could take in business. She looks ahead to a future full of bright prospects.

“Almost none of the people we spoke to envisioned themselves in their current positions when they started their business career. They found their way through experimenting and taking chances until they almost seemed to stumble upon the position that suited them best. I found that encouraging, as I am a person who thrives in situations with variety and always find something new to catch my eye whenever I get involved in various fields of academic study,” said Logans.

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Published: October 24, 2019