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Kishore Builds Foundation for Future in Law, Nonprofits

Clifton Builder and Finance Major Helps Mentor New Business Students
Kishore Builds Foundation for Future in Law, Nonprofits
Isha Kishore is a finance and Clifton Builders management major from Omaha, Nebraska, who just completed her sophomore year.

Celebrating Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month, Nebraska Today featured Huskers like Isha Kishore who are making impacts on campus and look to maintain that momentum in future careers. Kishore is a finance and Clifton Builders management major from Omaha, Nebraska. Throughout her undergraduate career in the College of Business, she has been intentional about getting involved and positively impacting her college community. This summer she was also selected to be a New Student Enrollment leader.

You’ve been really involved on campus, from Chi Omega’s DEI assistant to volunteering at the Women’s Center. Why was getting involved so important for your college experience?

As a freshman, I knew that integrating myself into the University of Nebraska–Lincoln community was important for me to have an impactful experience. Every activity I am involved in has given me the opportunity to make a substantial contribution to UNL, and in the process, I have made connections that have truly enhanced my time in college.

You’re part of the Clifton Builders program. How has that helped shape your time at Nebraska?

The Clifton Builders Program has given me a wonderful support system here on campus. Being surrounded with talented individuals pushed me to think outside the box. Through the program, I have learned content that will be beneficial to me in my future career and participated in experiences to apply these concepts outside of a classroom setting. Furthermore, amazing faculty and staff in the Clifton Strengths Institute have presented me with a plethora of opportunities.

You also make it matter as a student strengths coach, leadership mentor with the Nebraska Human Resources Institute and volunteer in the Women’s Center. What made you want to get involved in these positions and what is your favorite part?

I am the person I am today due to the mentors I had. I assume these roles because I know having a mentor is vital for healthy development. I see my volunteer and mentorship positions as an investment towards a community that invested in me. My favorite part is all the wonderful relationships I build through these positions!

Why did you want to be a New Student Enrollment leader? Is there anything you’re looking forward to about the experience?

My younger sister is going to be a freshman in college this year, and I want to make sure new students like my sister can transition smoothly from high school to life on campus. Your first semester at college can be difficult to navigate, and I want to be a resource for students. I am particularly excited to rock some khakis this summer!

What do you hope to accomplish in your lifetime?

I happen to be a big planner. After I graduate from Nebraska, I hope to go to law school and become an intellectual property attorney. After 10 years in the legal field, I want to pivot and be a board member of a nonprofit organization for a cause I feel passion toward. I want to leave a legacy on every community I am a member of and be remembered by my willingness to develop the people around me.

What or who inspires you?

Christine Trinh, the internal vice president of ASUN student government, is someone I truly look up to. She speaks out for what she believes, puts up a tough fight for the things she cares about and treats others with kindness and grace. I aspire to be a person like her.

What is your advice to other students looking to make an impact?

Get involved! There are many student and community organizations that will help you maximize your impact. This gives you the opportunity to build a strong social network and makes a big school feel a lot like home.

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Published: May 26, 2022