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December 5, 2016

Katzberg Relishes Sales Center Experience

Katzberg Relishes Sales Center Experience
As she begins to look toward graduation in December, Victoria Katzberg considers her experience with the Center for Sales Excellence as a favorite part of her education at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration. Katzberg, who is from Doniphan, Nebraska, sees the sales certificate program as a complement to her marketing major.
“I highly recommend students to take advantage of this program,” Katzberg said. “Academically, the Center for Sales Excellence will be my fondest memory from college. I walked away a stronger, more confident woman. I understand how sales work, which will give me an advantage in the real world.”
A member of the inaugural sales center class, Katzberg completed the program in May 2015. After taking the first class of the program, Sales Communication (MRKT 247), she was hooked.
Dean Plowman speaks at certificate ceremony
Receiving certificate from Mike Hays, CEO of National Research Corporation
“I was fascinated by sales after the first class. I wanted to know everything I could about it,” Katzberg said. “The classes I took in this program have been my favorite at the University. They are fun and interesting, and the professors do an incredible job of giving us real-world examples.”
Katzberg said she will enter post-college life with a knowledge base far larger than what she had before participating in the sales program. Learning how to build and maintain relationships, she said, will help her find her full value as an employee.
“A lot of students graduate and go into a sales position not truly understanding how they will be making their money. It is very important to understand the business and how you will be paid,” Katzberg said. “We learned a lot about ourselves and our selling style. I now have the ability to ask those type of questions about a position and the way I will be compensated for my work.”

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