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December 28, 2017

IT Manager Patrick Jungers Finds Quick Impact from Nebraska Online MBA

IT Manager Patrick Jungers Finds Quick Impact from Nebraska Online MBA
Patrick Jungers believes the Nebraska MBA accelerated his IT career.

With the goal of career advancement, higher earning potential and knowledge of new business practices, business professionals of all ages are going back to school to earn their master’s degrees. According to the Financial Times, the leading global business publication ranked the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as one of the top places in the world to get an online MBA.

In 2017, the Financial Times declared the Nebraska online MBA program the No. 1 best “value for the money” in the world. This part of their ranking takes into consideration the career progress of graduates, the online delivery of courses and affordable tuition costs.

Patrick Jungers, an IT Manager at Nelnet, raved about the online MBA programs’ accessibility and flexibility.

“I am constantly traveling for work, so the ability to complete my coursework remotely is a necessity. Having all the assignments online allows me to fulfill my work responsibilities and not feel like I am missing out on anything in class,” he said.”

With the assignments and exams provided online with due dates, students can plan around their career obligations and complete their coursework when they have the time. Jungers said the lessons learned in the courses can immediately be applied to his job, and also benefit his staff and his company.

“I currently manage an internal IT help desk team. One of the biggest challenges in my current position is properly staffing and scheduling to handle the large quantity of phone calls and emails we get,” said Jungers. “My business analytics class gave me the tools needed to run a regression analysis and forecast our call and email volume into the near future. This allowed me to plan and justify staffing levels to our leadership team with a reasonable amount of certainty.”

Ranked as the No. 15 online MBA program in the world, Nebraska has been lauded for the career progress of its graduates, with alumni increasing their salaries by an average of 37 percent. Other factors placing the program in the top 15 include the program’s diversity, idea generation and average completion time of three years.

Nebraska also ranked No. 4 for career services due to the effectiveness of services in terms of career counseling, personal development, networking events and recruitment.

“The value of an MBA from Nebraska is hard to overstate. Every course provided me with insight into the workings of my company and many of them have given me actionable ideas to bring back to my team,” said Jungers.

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