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Honors Academy Helps Rahman Find Right Major in Accounting

Honors Academy Helps Rahman Find Right Major in Accounting
Shoilee Rahman credits the Honors Academy for helping redirect her to the right major in the School of Accountancy.

Though honors students often fall into the category of high achievers, Shoilee Rahman’s ability to tenaciously work through challenges clenched her spot in the Nebraska Business Honors Academy. A sophomore accounting major from Chadron, Nebraska, she honed those skills to succeed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

“Shoilee had all the academic accolades to make her stand out, but there was something more. She has this grit to her, the drive to do her best and not be halted by a challenge. She has the indistinguishable ability to do that work and that grind when presented with challenges,” said Dr. Rebekah Neary-DeLaPorte, assistant director of the academy.

A former business administration major, Rahman credits the academy for helping redirect her to the right major. Because academy students can enroll in core business classes sooner in their academic career, she took both foundational accounting courses early. After talking with her professors, she declared accounting as her major.

“My professors stressed the importance of having a good conceptual understanding of the subject you are studying. I thought I had that with accounting. Furthermore, the professional opportunities in accounting are endless. I am excited to pursue it,” she said.

Neary-DeLaPorte helps advise the academy students. She said Rahman found a major which fit her.

“She’s very precise and likes processes. The innate traits which she values and enjoys match up with accounting,” Neary-DeLaPorte said. “For her short time at the university, she has definitely made an impact and found her niche.”

Outside of the classroom, Rahman serves on the academy’s philanthropy committee and works in the Canfield Administration Building as a curriculum assistant. Recently she participated in the Deloitte FanTAXtic Competition where accounting students gain real-world business experience through case simulation, role playing and presentations.

“The Deloitte Competition showed me the amount of critical thinking and knowledge a career in tax would take. I learned accounting is meticulous, analytical and multi-faceted and that drew me to accounting even more,” she said.

Though her courses can be challenging, Rahman said she enjoys the time with her cohort.

“I have never met a more motivated, intelligent group of people than in my academy cohort,” she said. “Even though the curriculum is tough, I like working and learning with them.”

Published: January 24, 2018