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Dr. Lawrence Interviewed on the Ethics of iPhones

Dr. Janice Lawrence, director of the business ethics program at CBA, was recently interviewed by Business News Daily regarding her views on the ethics of owning an iPhone, in light of recent reported charges of mistreatment of workers who create and manufacture Apple products overseas.

Lawrence explains in the article that such questions come down to the personal judgment of the individual using the product.

"Technology has blurred the line between work and home life,” Lawrence said. "For example, it allows us to receive email or phone and text messages after working hours.  In the same manner, technology has blurred business ethics and personal ethics.  This dilemma is a good example of that."

Lawrence sees the integration of smart phone technology in the work place as a business ethics dilemma that cannot be studied in a vacuum.

"The advances in the functional capabilities of these electronic products make them 'necessary' in the workplace," Lawrence said.

Lawrence has been with the UNL College of Business Administration since the fall of 1992, and currently helps facilitate the integration of business ethics curriculum into over 90 percent of the courses.

Published: February 3, 2012