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Celebrating 50 Years: On-Campus with Danielle Kinser

Earning an MBA was always a part of Danielle Kinser’s career plan. A 2013 CBA graduate, she graduated in three years with a double major in business administration and management, and she plans to earn her MBA before she enters the workforce in May.

Danielle Kinser
“Having an MBA from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln on my résumé will give me a competitive edge when I enter the finance job market,” Kinser said. “When UNL became part of the Big Ten Conference, it was a game changer for the university and CBA, because we are on the radar of the top companies when they are hiring. To me, that is very important.”

The on-campus MBA program was the ideal option for Kinser, because she likes the structure of a traditional classroom environment. It also allowed her to directly interact with faculty and other students.

Kinser applied what she learned in the program at two internships in Lincoln. She was an operations intern with the digital signage firm Nanonation and a financial analyst with Nebraska Book Company.

“I made the right choice getting my MBA at Nebraska. It validates all the theories you are taught as an undergraduate, because you are able to apply it to a real-life situation,” she explained. “I would highly recommend investing in yourself and pursuing an MBA, as the experience is so valuable.”
Published: February 18, 2015