Multi-Faceted Perceptions of Cheating Behavior

In this exploratory study, the authors test shoplifting based constructs as predictor variables for cheating propensity. The authors develop and validate a cheating behavior scale that when used as a predictor of cheating performs well. Students differ from professors in their perception of two different types of cheating behavior; one serious and the other minor.

Presentation Information
Paper Title: Multi-Faceted Perceptions of Cheating Behavior
Conference: Society of Marketing Advances Annual Conference (2012)
Author(s): Shanahan, K. J.;  Hopkins, C. D.;  Carlson, Les;  Raymond, M. A.
Researcher Information
Carlson, Les
Carlson, Les
Professor and Nathan J. Gold Distinguished Professorship
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Consumer Socialization
  • Marketing Communication
  • Services Marketing
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