The Duration of Sheltered Homelessness

We analyze the factors that influence the length of a completed spell of sheltered homelessness, using administrative data on individuals who stayed in a large regional homeless shelter. We develop a model of homelessness which provides the basis for inferences made from our estimated model. Our estimates provide some support for the predictions of the model and reveal a variety of individual-specific characteristics that increase the length of stay in the shelter. These include the presence of a medical condition, recent release from an institution, a family crisis, age, and gender. We find no evidence that either a history of drug abuse or mental illness has a statistically significant effect on the rate of exit from the shelter. Our results are then used to draw some tentative policy recommendations.

Publication Information
Article Title: The Duration of Sheltered Homelessness
Journal: Journal of Housing Economics (Mar, 1997)
v. 6 iss. 1 pp. 60-80
Author(s): Allgood, Sam;  Moore, Myra;  Warren, Ronald S.
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Allgood, Sam
Allgood, Sam
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