Optimizing State Patrol Manpower Allocation

One of the most difficult tasks of state highway patrol administrators is allocation of manpower; i.e. determining the most effective level of operational manpower for patrol tasks. Typically, administrators resolve the allocation problem by relying on prior statistical data and by employing subjective analysis. In general, only limited systematic analyses have been applied to the problem. The paper presents an integer goal programming model for allocating highway patrolmen to road segments within a patrol region. The model is demonstrated via a case example of the Nebraska State Patrol. The results of the model are valuable to the patrol administrator for considering departmental goals and priority structure, in addition to available historical data, in the assignment of state patrol manpower.

Publication Information
Article Title: Optimizing State Patrol Manpower Allocation
Journal: Journal of Operational Research Society (1979)
Vol. 30, No. 10
Author(s): Lee, Sang M;  Franz, L.;  Wynne, J.
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
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