Demilitarized zone planning: A multiobjective approach

The demilitarized zone has been used frequently as a means to separate conflicting nations. Imposition of a buffer zone free from military activities is considered to be an effective first step to restore peace between hostile nations. The demilitarized zone is usually patrolled by third-party forces to discourage military hostilities. This paper deals with the problem of allocating the third-party supervisory forces in order to assure effective policing of demilitarized zones where there are multiple and conflicting objectives.

Publication Information
Article Title: Demilitarized zone planning: A multiobjective approach
Journal: Mathematical Social Sciences (1983)
Vol. 5
Author(s): Lee, Sang M;  Snyder, C.;  Brisch, H.
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems
  • International - Europe
  • International - South and Central America
  • International - Asia
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