Decision Support Systems Applications - A Bibliography (1988-1994)

This article provides a comprehensive bibliography of decision support systems (DSS) applications, excluding proceedings papers and doctoral dissertations, from May 1988 through 1994. Compared to a previous survey, this survey has identified a number of notable changes in DSS application areas. A total of 271 DSS application articles are compiled and classified according to 15 different application areas. An annual count of notable changes in the DSS application areas. An annual count of DSS applications showed an increasing number of DSS application articles published every year. Group decision support systems and executive support systems are gaining acceptance slowly. Knowledge-based DSS and realtime decision support systems are emerging due to the new development of articificial intelligence techniques such as machine learning tools. With the addition of a wide spectrum of new DSS tools such as fuzzy sets, modelling by example, geographical information systems, and visual interactive modelling, today's DSS help decision makers to effectively deal with complex problems. This survey also identified the top 19 American and European journals that have published DSS application articles over the last 7 years.

Publication Information
Article Title: Decision Support Systems Applications - A Bibliography (1988-1994)
Journal: OR Insight (1997)
Vol. 10, No. 2
Author(s): Lee, Sang M
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
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