Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming for Multi-objective Transportation Problem

This paper presents an interactive fuzzy goal programming approach to determine the preferred compromise solution for the multi-objective transportation problem. The proposed approach considers the imprecise nature of the input data by implementing the minimum operator and also assumes that each objective function has a fuzzy goal. The approach focuses on minimizing the worst upper bound to obtain an efficient solution which is close to the best lower bound of each objective function. The solution procedure controls the search direction via updating both the membership values and the aspiration levels. An important characteristic of the approach is that the decision maker's role is concentrated only in evaluating the efficient solution to limit the influences of his/her incomplete knowledge about the problem domain. In addition, the proposed approach can be applied to solve other multi-objective decision making problems. The performance of this solution approach is evaluated by comparing its results with that of the two existing methods in the literature.

Publication Information
Article Title: Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming for Multi-objective Transportation Problem
Journal: Omega (2006)
Vol. 34
Author(s): El-Wahed, W.;  Lee, Sang M
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Lee, Sang M
Lee, Sang M
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