Gender and the Political Economy of Knowledge

The importance of increased levels of education in improving the status of women throughout the world is well established. Higher levels of education are associated with lower birth rates, higher incomes, and greater autonomy for women. In fact, it has been argued that education is a fundamental prerequisite for empowering women in all spheres of society (Lopez-Claros and Zahidi 2005: 5).

In the last third of the twentieth century, women have made particularly significant strides in many countries. For example, UNESCO reports that women

Publication Information
Article Title: Gender and the Political Economy of Knowledge
Journal: Frontiers in the Economics of Gender (Aug, 2008)
Author(s): May, Ann Mari
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May, Ann Mari
May, Ann Mari
Professor of Economics
  • Gender and Higher Education
  • Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy
  • U.S. Economic History
  • Women and the Economy
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